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League of Legends official goods released at ggMART! Some products are only a little left as soon as possible!


Since its release by RIAT Games in October 2009, "League of Legends " (LoL) has been loved by many players.
The game has been steadily gaining attention in Japan as well, as evidenced by its adoption as a competitive title in e-sports tournaments for high school students.
Today, ggMART released official LoL merchandise on December 25, 2020 (Friday)!
A total of 25 new items of 5 types x 5 champions are now available!

Fans' long-awaited LoL official merchandise now available in Japan!

Official LoL merchandise is extremely rare in Japan, and many fans flock to the limited sales that take place at major events.
As of this writing, there are 153 champions (playable characters) in the game, and one of the charms of LoL is that each one of them has a detailed story and worldview.
Among them, the champions adopted as official goods this time are

  • Akali
  • Echo
  • Timo
  • Miss Fortune
  • Thresh

...the five of them!
Not the best team composition for a game, but these champions are individually very popular!

Each product is sold in both capsule toy formats: a capsule toy in which you never know which champion will appear, and a complete set that includes all five champions.
If you buy more than one capsule toy, there is a possibility that you will get the same champion, so if there is a champion you want for sure, we recommend you buy the complete set!

League of Legends Trading Winner Ema

League of Legends トレーディング 勝ち絵馬
League of Legends Trading Winning Ema

LoL champions are now available as ema!
The four-character phrases inspired by each of the characters are austere and kick-ass.
Timo's declaration of victory is quite stirring...

This winning ema is a made-to-order product and must be reserved by 11:59 a.m. on Tuesday, December 29, 2020.
The products will be shipped sequentially from mid-January.
The price is 660 yen (including tax) for the capsule toyand3,300 yen (including tax) for the complete set.

League of Legends Trading Portraits Collection

League of Legends トレーディングportraits collection
League of Legends Trading portraits collection
Champion on canvas

A collection of portraits of champions on canvas!
Even the champion illustrations you thought you were familiar with look different.

The capsule toys are priced at 495 yen (including tax), and the complete set is priced at 2,475 yen (including tax ).

League of Legends Trading Champion Hologram Can Badge

League of Legends トレーディングチャンピオンホログラム缶バッジ
League of Legends Trading Champion hologram badge

A holographic badge that highlights LoL's champions!
The holograms give the designs, which are based on in-game models rather than illustrations, a wonderful finish.

The price is 605 yen (including tax) for the capsule toyand3,025 yen (including tax) for the complete set.

League of Legends Trading Battle Memorial Can Badge

League of Legends トレーディングバトルメモリアル缶バッジ
League of Legends trading battle memorial badge

This badge is designed like a horizontal card!
The front has an in-game model and the background has a design based on splash art.

The price is 550 yen (including tax ) for the capsule toyand2,750 yen (including tax ) for the complete set.

League of Legends Trading Bottle Cap Stage Collection

League of Legends トレーディングボトルキャップステージコレクション
League of Legends trading bottle cap stage collection

You can attach it to a plastic bottle cap, put it on your desk, or attach it to your bag with a ball chain!
This is a neat item that can be used in a variety of ways.
Thresh with his trademark lantern and scythe is especially large and powerful.

The capsule toy is priced at 495 yen (including tax), and the complete set is priced at 2,475 yen (including tax).

Be sure to purchase early!

At the time of writing, there are no sold-out items, but some product pages indicate " only a few left ".
Go to the LoL-related product list page to get your favorite items!
There will be more limited-edition goods and new champions only available at ggMART in the future, so don't miss out!
For more details and the latest information, please check ggMART's official website and official Twitter.


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