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Madomagi is a drink!? "Witch's Cheesecake Sake of Sweets" is now on sale in limited quantities!


The online store "KURAND" has recently attracted a lot of attention for its "Baki" collaborations, such as the " Ogre" sake and the " Baki " sake for the 30th anniversary of Baki.
The "Baki" collaboration is a strong sake, but in fact, Kurando has collaborated with many other works on a wide variety of sake, including one currently available with the popular character " Tomodachi ha Kuma " by popular illustrator Tamu Saiki(@tamsorogi ). The current available products include a collaboration liqueur with popular illustrator Tamu Saiki's (@tamsorogi) character "Tomodachi hakuma no hachimitsu no sake," which is cute and easy to drink.
Tomodachi wa Kuma no Hachimitsu no Sake" has only a few bottles left, so hurry!
The wide variety of liqueurs allows even those who have just started drinking to experience the appeal of alcohol and discover new things like "I didn't know this kind of flavor existed! It's fun to make new discoveries.
KURAND" has announced a new collaboration liqueur! This time, the collaboration partner is that "Puella Magi"!

飲(や)ってみろ。刃牙30周年記念酒「刃牙 -BAKI-」発売ッッ!

Puella Magi Madoka Magica collaboration! The witch of sweets has become a drink!

Sake of the Witch of Sweets' Cheesecake

The new collaboration from "KURAND" is "Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie: Rebellion"!
Puella Magi Madoka Magica" will celebrate its 10th anniversary in April 2021, and the production of " Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie: Walpurgis no Kaiten " has been announced. If you haven't seen it yet, this would be a good time to have a drink while watching it.
I know many of you may be thinking, " Madoka and her friends aren't junior high school students," but it's safe to say that this is a collaboration with the " Witch of Sweets" who appears in the film!
The "Witch of Sweets' Cheesecake Sake " is a collaboration between the "Witch of Sweets," who loves cheese, and a drink made from cheesecake.
It has a rich and deep flavor that is like " drinking cheesecake.
The richness of the milk produced in Tamba and the savory almond flavor, reminiscent of tart dough, spread in the mouth.
You can enjoy it as an after-dinner drink as dessert, or pour it over ice cream, dip fruit or chocolate cookies into it, or use it as a sauce for pancakes to enjoy it as an adult pancake.
The alcohol content is 7%, so be careful how much you use when arranging.

Sake of the Witch of Sweets Cheesecake

Limited quantities available! Purchasers get a glass!

The Sweets Witch's Cheesecake Sake is now on sale in limited quant ities at the online liquor store "KURAND"!
The price is 4,400 yen (tax included) and will be shipped sequentially from early June 2022.
The price is 4,400 yen (tax included), and the product will be shipped sequentially from early June 2022 onward.
Also, each bottle of "Witch of Sweets Cheesecake Sake" will come with a " Witch of Sweets Glass " with a design of the Witch of Sweets as a special gift for purchasing! The design is very creepy.

Sweets Witch Glass

The black design on the clear glass is perfect for white drinks like the "Witch of Sweets' Cheesecake Sake.
For more information and to purchase, please visit the online liquor store "KURAND"!
The collaboration products are of course appealing, but "kurando" also offers a wide variety of sakes, and the "Sake Gacha " is popular because it is more economical than buying at the regular price, and you never know what you will receive. It is a great way to encounter new sake that you would not normally choose for yourself.
The Spring Sake Gacha Festival will be held until May 9, 2022 (Monday ), so come and meet the sake you've never seen before!


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Serialization of "GURAPPURA blade tusk" starts at 1991 by a week boy champion. After that "BAKI"-> "model horse blade tusk"->

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