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A must-see for the Chocomin Party! Adult luxury chocolate mint liqueur "Chocolate Mint at 9 pm" released!


One of the most popular adult beverages is alcohol.
There are many different types of alcohol in the world, and many people choose their alcoholic beverages based on taste preferences as well as personal preferences, and look forward to drinking after work.
There are several sake lovers in the editorial department of funglr Games, including the author, and we exchange information about new products when they go on sale and discuss their tastes during the daytime.
The online sake store "KURAND " offers such sake lovers the chance to encounter unique sake that they have never seen before.
The store is famous for its " Sake Gacha," a sake gacha in which you never know what is in the bottle, and has collaborated with the popular manga series " Baki" (currently sold out), which has 20% alcohol by volume, and "Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie [New Edition]: A Story of Rebellion. Rebellion" ( currently on sale again ), and the " SweetsWitch's Cheesecake Sake " (currently on sale again ), which is like "drinking cheesecake" in collaboration with "Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie: A New Story of Rebellion".
Kurando" has released a new rich and refreshing product perfect for summer, and we can't help but introduce it to you!
The luxurious liqueur for adults, " Choco Mint at 9 pm " is here!


A chocolate mint liqueur perfect for luxurious adult time!

Choco Mint at 9pm

Choco Mint at 9pm" is a chocolate mint liqueur with a luxurious taste, just like its name.
The name " 9pm " comes from the image of " after dinner tea," a time in British culture when people enjoy drinks and sweets in an elegant manner after dinner.
The label also has an artistic design reminiscent of an oil painting, which fits the atmosphere of a luxurious and relaxing adult time.
Matsuoka Brewery, a sake brewery in Saitama Prefecture founded in 1871, has been seriously producing this chocomint for chocomint lovers, and the taste is truly chocomint.
It has both the mildness of chocolate and the freshness of mint, a finish that is sure to satisfy the " Choco Mint Party.

Choco Mint at 9pm

Choco mint liqueur is not often seen, so you may be wondering how to drink it.
If you drink it straight, you can directly taste the rich, bitter chocolate flavor and the cool mint flavor.
If you drink it on the rocks, the coolness of the ice will increase the coolness, and you can also feel the changing flavors.
And since it is chocolate mint, we recommend pouring it over ice cream. You can pour it over vanilla ice cream to make an adult chocolate mint ice cream, or you may find it interesting to pour it over chocolate mint ice cream to make it taste like chocolate mint.
But the best way to enjoy alcohol is to enjoy it in your own way! Find the way that tastes best for you!

Choco mint at 9pm

The first batch sold out immediately due to popular demand! Let's wait for restocking!

Choco Mint at 9pm will be available from Wednesday, June 29, 2022!
The price is 1,490 yen (tax included) for one 300 ml bottle, and the alcohol content is 8%.
It was available at the online store "KURAND," but the first shipment was sold out immediately after its release! The "Chocomine Party" is a force to be reckoned with!
The first shipment was sold out immediately after its release! Be sure to " Sign up for notifications of new arrivals " so that you can purchase the product as soon as it is restocked!
For more information about the product and to register for restocking alerts, please visit the "Choco Mints at 9pm" product page!
Also, KURAND's famous "Sake Gacha" is currently holding a " Sake Gacha Thanksgiving Event " until July 4, 2022 (Monday ) to commemorate the 150,000th Sake Gacha purchase!
There will be limited edition plans, raffles, and events for purchasers only, so let's go to the "Sake Gacha Thanksgiving Event" and meet new sakes until the "Choco Mint at 9pm" is restocked!


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