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Product information of "THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV" is released! There are a variety of SNK online shop limited editions!

「THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV」の製品情報が公開!SNKオンラインショップ限定版が種類ありまくり!

SNK's latest title in the KOF series, " THE K ING OF FIGHTERS X V" (KOF XV), is set for release on February 17, 2021 (Thursday).
The trailer was shown at Gamescom, which opened on August 25, 2021, and revealed the latest footage of new characters and the game system.
As expected, the return of " Ash " was a big hit with fans, and the editorial team at funglr Games was very excited about it!
Along with the announcement of the release date, information about the product, the various perks and editions, and the limited edition at the SNK Online Shop have also been released!
Pre-orders are now being taken at various retailers, but... there are so many varieties!
We' d like to introduce you to the lineup, including what you get if you buy the wrong one!

First, the standard edition "STANDARD EDITION"!


The " STANDARD EDITION " is the most basic version of the KOF XV product lineup.
It is available for PS4 and PS5 in packaged and dunloaded versions.
The Xbox Series S|X, Windows 10, Steam, and EPIC Game Store will only have the downloadable version.
If you want to play it for now and if you enjoy it, consider purchasing the DLC and other additional elements, this is the one for you.
"STANDARD EDITION" will be 7,920 yen (tax included) for both the PS4 and PS5 package versions and the downloadable version for all platforms!

DLC will include additional characters!


Additional characters will be released as paid DLC!
The characters will not be sold individually, but as a set of 3 characters per team.
We will wait for further information on what characters will be available and in what teams!
DLC "TEAM 1" andDLC "TEAM 2 " will be sold for 1,870 (tax included) each.
TEAM PASS 1, which combines the two, will also be available for 3,300 yen (tax included), a savings of 440 yen compared to purchasing both DLC "TEAM 1" and DLC "TEAM 2" separately !
We recommend TEAM PASS 1 because many people will end up buying both!



Fighting games are more fun when there are many characters to use.
Moreover, in the case of KOF, which is a 3 on 3 teamfighting game, the strategy will change depending on which characters you use to edit your team.
For those who are willing to buy TEAM PASS 1 from the start, a " DELUXE EDITION " that includes both the main game and TEAM PASS 1 will also be available!
The "DELUXE EDITION" will be available only as a downloadable version and will be priced at 10,980 yen (tax included).
This is a savings of 240 yen compared to buying the main game and TEAM PASS 1 separately !
This is the most recommended edition for downloaders.

Various perks that depend on what you buy!

KOF XV offers various perks depending on what you buy and when you buy it!
The perks you get will vary depending on which edition you buy, so here's a summary!

DLC Costume "Hungry Wolf MotW Terry

First of all, the early purchase bonus for all products is the DLC Costume "FATAL WOLF MOTW TERRY"!
As the name implies, this DLC costume will give Terry Bogart the appearance of "FATAL WOLF MARK of the WOLVES".
Terry looks so cool with short hair and a flight jacket. Buster Wolf looks better in this outfit!
This is an early purchase bonus, so you have to buy it early to get it.
The downloadable version will be available to those who purchase the game by March 9, 2022, while the packaged version will have a product code enclosed in the game package for the first production run, but be warned that the number is limited!


The next bonus is the "CLASSIC LEONA" DLC costume, available only for the digital version of the game!
This DLC costume will be the Leona in her early military uniform.
The latest Leona costume is good, but if you are a fan of the old days who feels more comfortable in military uniform, this costume is a must-have!
As this is a digital-only bonus, it is only available for the downloadable version of the "STANDARD EDITION" and the "DELUXE EDITION".
It will not be included in the packaged version, but there is a possibility that it will be distributed at a later date, so let's wait for further information!

3-Day Early Access

Next is the " DELUXE EDITION" pre-order bonus, the " 3-Day Early Access "!
As the name suggests, you will be able to play KOF XV from February 14, 2022, three days earlier than the game's release date of February 17, 2022.
Fighting games are a genre where experience counts, so being able to play three days earlier is a huge advantage!
This is a pre-order bonus, so you need to pre-order the "DELUXE EDITION" and the game is available for PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series S|X platforms.
Please note that Windows 10, Steam and EPIC Game Store are not eligible.

Original postcard and reversible jacket

So far, the digital version is the better deal! For those of you who think that the digital version is a better deal, there is a bonus for you too.
The first edition of the game comes with an " Original Postcard " and a " Reversible Jacket " as a bonus!
It's nice to have something you can actually hold in your hand! It satisfies the desire for ownership for those who prefer the package!
The jacket will be included in the first production run, so there is a limited number of copies available.
If you want to make sure you get it, I think it's safe to pre-order!

PS4 オリジナルテーマ
Original PS4 theme

Lastly, a bonus only available for PS4 is an " Original Theme " that you can set on your home screen!
When you start up the PS4, the KOF XV image will appear with a bang! KOF XV visuals on your home screen when you start up your PS4, you can't help but get excited!
This is not a purchase bonus, but a " pre-order bonus " for the PS4 "STANDARD EDITION" downloadable version and "DELUXE EDITION".
If you are a fan of the downloadable version on PS4, you must pre-order! The "DELUXE EDITION" also comes with "3-day early access".

SNK Online Shop Exclusive! "LIMITED COMBO".


Many people are waiting for the SNK Online Shop's limited editions of SNK's titles, which are often released in packaged versions.
Of course, KOF XV will also have a SNK Online Shop Limited Edition "LIMITED COMBO " for PS4 and PS5!
What is the "COMBO" of this limited edition ?

  • ROM package (total 4 kinds)
  • Acrylic stand Vol. 4
  • Original soundtrack
  • Original reproductions (4 kinds)
  • Original art book
  • Game software storage box

There are a lineup for every combination of these items!
In addition to the items in the set, there are 4 types of ROM packages and 4 types of original reproductions, so the total lineup is 32 types! That's a lot!
The SNK Online Shop is now open for reservations, so you can have a hard time deciding which "LIMITED COMBO" you want to reserve!
The "Acrylic Stand Vol.4" is included in the SNK Online Shop even if you purchase the packaged version separately, and the "Original Reproductions" can also be purchased separately for 19,800 yen (tax included), so you can buy more!
The price varies depending on the contents of the set, but the complete set ( ROM package and original reproductions) is 25,920 yen (tax included)!
For product lineup and pre-order, please visit SNK Online Shop!

Pre-order start campaign!

Pre-order campaign
SNK JAPAN公式Twitter

To celebrate the start of KOF XV pre-orders, a campaign is being held on SNK JAPAN's official Twitter!
SNK JAPAN official Twitter has started two kinds of " KOF XV pre-order start campaign " at the same time!
The first one is that if you follow SNK JAPAN official Twitter(@SNKPofficial_jp) and retweet the campaign tweets, 20 people will be selected by lottery to receive a QUO card worth 500 yen!
Second, post a photo of a familiar SNK or KOF logo on Twitter with the hashtag " #KOF15 pre-order start! " and post it on Twitter, seven winners ( one from each of the seven designs) will receive an original reproduction of a color paper illustration of the game!
The seven artists, TONKO, Eisuke Ogura, Tomohiro Nakata, FALCOON, Hiroaki, Arimichi Saji, and Senri Kita, wrote the illustrations on these extremely rare colored papers, so I definitely want to get my hands on one!

Original illustration on a colorful paper
SNK JAPAN公式Twitter

I'm sure the SNK and KOF logos will be around us all the time, so take a picture and post it now!
Both campaigns end on Thursday, September 30, 2021!

SNK Online Shop is also hosting a campaign!

SNK Online Shop Buyer Campaign
SNK JAPAN公式Twitter

To celebrate the start of the pre-order, SNK Online Shop will also start a campaign for purchasers!
30 people who pre-order KOF XV package version from SNK Online Shop until 23:59 on November 30, 2021 (Tue. ) will receive a " Mini Campus Board (not for sale) " by lottery!
It seems that the design of the "reproduction original" has been turned into a mini canvas board.
The winner will be able to choose his or her favorite design from among three different designs! After you make your reservation, you will be able to choose which design you would like to receive!
If you have already made a reservation at the SNK Online Shop, don't worry, because both the regular edition and the "Limited Combo" are eligible for the campaign, as long as your PS4 or PS5 pakage version is included.
Please check the SNK Online Shop for more details about the buyer's campaign!

Get your reservations in and start waiting for the game to go on sale!

As we mentioned, KOF XV has quite a large lineup of products, so it's hard to decide which one to purchase.
You can pre-order the downloadable version of the game right before it goes on sale and still get all sorts of perks, but there are a limited number of first-time perks and LIMITED COMBOs for the PS4 and PS5 packaged versions, so there's a good chance that the planned number will run out before you know it!
The " LIMITED COMBO" is a particularly difficult one to choose from, but get in quick before they're all gone!
Please check the official website of "THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV" for more details!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

69151「THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV」の製品情報が公開!SNKオンラインショップ限定版が種類ありまくり!
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The release date of "THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV" is finally decided! New information is lifted at once!
The release date of "THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV" is finally decided! New informatio...

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