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Energy drink "Keeba Yogriti Energy" containing 10 billion shielded lactic acid bacteria is released!

シールド乳酸菌100億個配合のエナジードリンク「キーバ ヨーグリティエナジー」発売!

Energy drinks are an easy way to help you out when you are feeling tired or in the mood for a drink.
Today, we are in a warring age of energy drinks, with many manufacturers selling energy drinks with a variety of ingredients and flavors, and 80% of the cans in the Funglr Games editorial office's trash cans are energy drinks.
While there are many unique energy drinks on the market, the most eye-catching design is the " Keeva " series by Keeva Corporation, which is headed by former racing driver Tsubasa Abe.
Of course, not only the design, but also the contents of the energy drink are true energy drinks, and Keeva Energy Vodka is a challenging series that also produces sharp products such as "KeevaEnergy Vodka. quot; " an energy drink containing lactobacillus acidophilus, has been released!


Energy drink containing 10 billion lactobacilli!

キーバ ヨーグリティエナジー
Keeva Yoglity Energy

Keeva's new product is a high quality energy drink "Keeva Y oghurti Energy".
It contains a whopping 10 billion " shield lactobacilli " selected from several thousand strains to improve immunity, 160 mg of caffeine, 450 mg of arginine, and the awakening effect of an energy drink.
The product is said to have a unique energy flavor with a high degree of perfection by combining the tastes of energy drinks and lactic acid beverages, and we are curious to see what it tastes like.

キーバ ヨーグリティエナジー
Keeva Yoglity Energy

Keeva Yogurtity Energy will go on sale on Tuesday, November 10, 2020! It will be priced at 191 yen (excluding tax) and will contain a generous 500 ml!
It will be an autumn/winter-only product, so we recommend purchasing it as soon as you find it.
Keeva Yoghurti Energy" will help you stay in shape and boost your spirits to get through the busy year-end season!
funglr Games will be reviewing this product soon! Stay tuned!


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