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Super Fast GigaCharge! Japanese-produced enadori Kiiva's first jelly drink "KiiVA SPEED CHARGE" announced!

超速ギガチャージ!日本国産エナドリKiiva初のゼリー飲料「KiiVA SPEED CHARGE」発表!

It's April in 2021. You are entering a new school year.
Freshmen who have started their new lives this spring may be working hard and full of energy now, but it will probably be getting tough by next week.
At such a time, our energy drinks can help you out.
Today, we live in a warring age of energy drinks, and there are a variety of energy drinks on the market from various manufacturers, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your tastes and occasions.
In the energy drink industry, where there are so many energy drinks to choose from, the first jelly drink "KiiVA SPEED CH ARGE" from " KiiVA ", a Japanese-made energy drink marketed by Kiiva Corporation, has been announced!

500mlのキーバに成分濃縮された350mlも!少なくなっても「KiiVA ENERGY DRINK EXTRA」はカフェイン抜群!

A super-fast giga-charge of abundant ingredients!


KiiVA SPEED CH ARGE" is the first jelly drink to be released by Kiiva Corporation, which markets the Japanese-made energy drink "KiiVA" series.
The product was developed so that people can recharge themselves with energy ingredients as a meal in this day and age when people can consume energy drinks on a daily basis due to the increase in large-capacity energy drinks such as the "KiiVA" series.


KiiVA SPEED CHARGE is made from royal jelly, which is rich in essential amino acids, minerals, and vitamins, mainly proteins, which are not produced in the body.
Amino acids play a major role in stimulating the secretion of growth hormones, recovering from fatigue, and improving immunity, and help the liver function.
Citric acid, which promotes early recovery from fatigue, makes the blood thinner, and is also effective for beauty due to its chelating effect.
It also contains four vitamins and caffeine, which is indispensable for energy drinks.
Just looking at the ingredients, it seems as if you would feel energized all at once!
Many of these jelly drinks are flavored with muscat or grapefruit, but "KiiVA SPEED CHARGE" has a unique mixed berry flavor.
The "KiiVA" series concept of " go the other way " is still alive and well in jelly form!
Whether at work, at play, or in the game of course, you can't perform well if you don't eat and don't get enough nutrients.
If you can recharge your body with this many ingredients in a super-fast giga-charge, it is sure to help you in many situations, such as mornings when you don't have much time, or for nutritional supplementation in between!

"KiiVA SPEED CHARGE" is scheduled to go on sale on Monday, April 12, 2021, and will cost 210 yen (tax included) forone 180 ml bottle!
Of course, funglr Games will be reviewing the product after its release, so please look forward to it!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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