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A new thug from KIIVA! A new line "N6 ENERGY" that realizes a large amount of & high cost spa has appeared!

KIIVAから新たな刺客!大量&高コスパを実現した新ライン「N6 ENERGY」登場!

The year 2022 has come early to September, and 2/3 of the year has passed.
Working people are back to their daily lives after the Obon vacation, and students are entering their second semester after the summer break.
What can give you energy at such times? Yes! Energy drinks.
Many manufacturers release energy drinks of various brands and flavors, but most of the new products are new flavors of standard products or limited-time-only flavors.
It is easier to pick up an energy drink if it is a well-known brand with a well-established name, isn't it? It's hard to come up with a completely new product..............................
"Take a different path.KIIVA ", a domestic energy drink well-known for its "NIIVA" brand, has done it!
They have launched a completely new energy drink, " N6 ENERGY"!

High Quality, High Sense, Low Price, Completely New!


N6 ENERGY" is a new brand of energy drink launched by "KIIVA".
When a new flavor is developed, it is usually just a new flavor of an existing product, but that is KIIVA.
However, this is "KIIVA," and to develop a new flavor without the "KIIVA" name, which everyone knows, is a company that truly lives up to the concept of "KIIVA"! Take a different path! KIIVA is a company that lives and breathes "KIIVA"!
The vivid and stylish packaging design by a California designer is also eye-catching.

Now, as the new brand "N6 ENERGY" is launched, it is a new energy drink that is different from the previous "KIIVA" products!
First of all, it is high quality, high taste, low price, and large volume!
Despite its large 500ml volume, each bottle is priced at 140 yen (excluding tax ), the highest level of cost performance in the history of energy drinks.
Although it is easy to suspect that a low price means that the ingredients are not as good as they could be, don't worry.
Each 500ml bottle contains 100mg of caffeine, 100mg of arginine, 3mg of ginseng extract (estimated value ), and 4mg of D-ribose, the source of energy and effective in relieving fatigue.
Many people drink energy drinks every day, so "N6 ENERGY" is the best choice to buy a box and keep it in your room to give you a good energy boost at a reasonable price.
N6 ENERGY is available at Amazon.co.jp andRakuten Ich iba for 3,700 yen (tax included) per box of 24 bottles.

Deadline is September 7! Present Campaign!

N6 ENERGY" is something I would like to try right away, but the web sales on Amazon.co.jp and Rakuten Ichiba are in units of one box, which is a bit high for a trial.
For those who would like to try this completely new product and see what it tastes like first, a campaign is currently underway to celebrate the launch of "N6 ENERGY"!
One hundred participants will be selected by drawing to win a 4-pack of "N6 ENERGY". What a generous offer for 100 winners!
To participate, simply follow KIIVA's official Twitter (@kiiva555) and retweet the campaign tweets!
You can also follow KIIVA's Instagram account (kiiva_official ) to increase your chances of winning, so be sure to follow both Twitter and Instagram and retweet the tweet right away!
The campaign closes on Wednesday, September 7, 2022, so hurry!


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Even though it is 250ml, I drank "KIIVA MAXIMUM" of caffeine masimashi!
Even though it is 250ml, I drank "KIIVA MAXIMUM" of caffeine masimashi!...

"Go a different road from people" is a familiar domestic energy drink "KIIVA" Guarana! Caffeine! Arginine! We have established our position

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