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Forbidden combination of enadry × vodka! "Keeba Energy Vodka" released!


Today, we live in a warring age of energy drinks. Various energy drinks in various flavors are sold by various companies.
In particular, Red Bull, Monster Energy, RAIZIN, and others have recently launched summer-only flavors.
While the flavors may be different, most of the ingredients are not that different from the existing products, Keeva has released an energy drink flavored alcoholic beverage called "Keeva Energy Vodka"!

実はカフェインレスのエナドリ「RAIZIN」の新フレーバー「RAIZIN SWEETY RED」発表!

A classic club combination

Is it safe to mix vodka with an energy drink? But don't worry.
Vodka mixed with a certain company's energy drink is a standard drink in clubs.
Khyber Energy Vodka " is the official product of the original vodka mixed with energy drink cocktail.

Khyber Energy Vodka
Twitter 【超ウルトラ公式さん】KIIVA ENERGY DRINK / キーバ エナジードリンク

Based on the flavor of energy drink, it has a fruity and sharp energy drink flavor, and the peculiar taste of vodka has been suppressed.
At 5% alcohol by volume, it is not too strong, making it easy to drink for both men and women.
It also contains familiar energy drink ingredients such as guarana extract and L-arginine, so it's perfect for when you need a pick-me-up!

Is the product in short supply due to its popularity?

Khyber Energy Vodka will go on sale on Monday, July 20, 2020, and will be priced at 191 yen (excluding tax ) for a 350ml can.
It will be available at convenience stores and retailers nationwide and online.
Since it is an alcoholic beverage, minors are not allowed to purchase it. You must be 20 years old to drink alcohol!

The " Campeso" campaign, which was supposed to start soon, has been postponed because the product was so popular that it ran out of stock early in the sales period.
So it may not be easy to buy it...? If you see it in a store, we recommend you to get it immediately!


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Today in the ENADORI warlike ages when various manufacturers are selling various kinds of energy drinks. The domestic energy drink manufacturer by which Mr. Tsu

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