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The first 250ml size in the series! New product "Keyba Energy Boost" released!

シリーズ初の250mlサイズ!ガツッとキメられる新商品「キーバ エナジーブースト」発売!

In the Kanto region, the end of the rainy season has brought an instant rise in temperature, and the weather is now in full swing for the summer season.
Personally, I prefer sunny summers to gloomy rainy seasons, but my body cannot keep up with the sudden rise in temperature.
Many of you must be feeling out of shape, if not out of shape at all.
In such a case, how about taking the help of energy drinks that give you energy?
Keeva Energy Boost " is a new product from "K eeva", a Japanese energy drink that stands out even among the various energy drinks on the market these days!

ギガが足りないから「KiiVA SPEED CHARGE(キーバ スピードチャージ)」を飲んで超速ギガチャージしてみた!

The first in the series! Concentrated 250ml size!

キーバ エナジーブースト
Keeva Energy Boost

Keeva Energy Boost, the first 250ml product in the "Keeva" series, is a new product in the "Keeva" series, which is based on the concept of " taking a different path.
The colorful rainbow-colored design, which would match the gaming scene, was designed by Tommy Lim, an L.A. designer who has also designed the previous Keeva series.
Even in the world of energy drinks, where unique designs abound, it is rare to find such a colorful design, so it is sure to catch the eye even amongst the products on display.
Keeva is well-known for its large 500ml bottle that is cost-effective and can be consumed for a whole day, but "Keeva Energy Boost" is half that size, so it can be used as an energy drink when you need a quick pick-me-up . Khyber Energy Boost is half the size of Khyber Energy Boost, so it can be used for a quick kick when you need it.
The 250 ml bottle is the size of a long can of coffee, which is less than the 350 ml bottle of KiiVA ENERGY DRINK EXTRA introduced on funglr Games, so it is a good size to drink up in one go.
However, half the volume and half the ingredients are meaningless, right? Don't worry, that's Keeva for you.
Each can contains 160 mg of caffeine, the same amount as other Keeva products, and of course it is rich in energy ingredients such as arginine, niacin, guarana extract, and ginseng, so even if the amount is small, you will receive a strong energy boost.
The new flavor is a refreshing mixed fruit flavor that spreads and pops in your mouth the moment you take a sip.
It is said to be an original flavor with stimulating carbonation, deep sweetness and aroma, and a fresh fruit flavor.
Well, you'll have to experience the energy benefits and the new flavor for yourself!

キーバ エナジーブースト
Keeva Energy Boost

Now on pre-sale at Mini Stop stores nationwide!

Keeva Energy Boost will be available at MiniStop stores nationwide from July 26, 2021 (Monday), and at other retailers from August 2, 2021 (Monday).
The suggested retail price is 169 yen (including tax), which is more reasonable than other Keeva series products. The reason behind this price is Keeva's concern for those who have been affected by the various effects of the spread of the new coronavirus, such as the closing of stores and reduction of part-time jobs.
Keeva has always been supported by students and young people, so it is a result of the company's efforts to "be a friend to those who seek new possibilities," and the affordable price is a result of their desire to make the product available at a reasonable price. So when you see it, head to your local Mini-Stop to purchase "Keeva Energy Boost"!


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