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[Devil's camera] appeared devil's blade collaboration model in the instant camera "Cheki"!


The "Demon Slayer" movie "Infinite Train" has been a great success since its release, and with the release of the 23rd and final volume of the original story coming up on December 4, 2020 (Friday), the Demon Sl ayer is at its peak of excitement.
Demon Slayer has attracted the most attention and collaborated with the most things in 2020. Personally, I like collaborations with things that have nothing to do with the Taisho Era, such as smartphones and earphones.
And now we have another collaboration with an item that didn't exist in the Taisho Era!
"instax "Cheki" and Demon Slayer will be releasing a collaborative model!

Both the body and accessories are designed by Sumijiro and Priestess!

The new model is based on the " instax mini 11 ", a new model of Fujifilm's instant camera "instax " CHEKI" (hereinafter called "CHEKI") series released in May 2020. The " Sumijiro Cheki BOX" and "Priestess Cheki BOX" are a set of specially designed Cheki with a motif of Tanjiro Kamado and Priestess Kamado, and luxurious items.

"Demon Slayer"コラボチェキ登場!/富士フイルム

The box and the Cheki itself, as well as the shoulder strap and shoulder pouch with charm, are designed with the motifs of Sumijiro and Priestess respectively.
The set also includes a Demon Slayer-designed Cheki print storage sleeve ( 5 designs x 2 photos each), a backpack-type Cheki print storage case that can hold 50 Cheki prints, original Cheki prints, and all the other Kimetsu goodies!
I can't get enough of the backpack box-type Cheki print storage case...!

Sumijiro checkerboard box
"Demon Slayer"コラボチェキ登場!/富士フイルム
Priestess checker box
"Demon Slayer"コラボチェキ登場!/富士フイルム

Sumijiro Cheki BOX" and "Priestess Cheki BOX" will be available for pre-order on Wednesday, November 25, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. and will go on sale on Thursday, December 10, 2020! The price will be an open price.
The sales will be limited in quantity, so a battle is inevitable. There is a possibility that the pre-order quantity will be used up. Don't forget to reserve!

SNS campaign to win a Cheki Box!

The "Sumijiro Cheki BOX" and "Priestess Cheki BOX" are sure to be hotly contested, but there are many people who are worried about what will happen if they can't make a reservation.
For those people, there is another chance! There will be a SNS campaign to give away a "Sumijiro Cheki BOX" and "Priestess Cheki BOX"!
To participate, follow the FUJIFILM Cheki Twitter account (@fujifilmjp_ck) and send a tweet with the hashtag " #Sanjirou Cheki BOX " or " #Nedouko Cheki BOX ", whichever you want, and your favorite part of the chosen character. Just retweet the tweet with the hashtag "#Sumijiro Cheki Box" or "#Nedumiko Cheki Box" and your favorite part of the chosen character!
One winner will receive the "Sumijiro Cheki Box" and one winner will receive the "Priestess Cheki Box".

The fact that not only the hashtag but also the favorite part of the chosen character is a condition for entry means that your passionate wishes will be received!
Let's show our love for Sumijiro and Priestess!

For details on the "Sumijiro Cheki BOX" and "Priestess Cheki BOX" and the application rules for the SNS campaign, please visit the "instax 'Cheki'" official website "Sumijiro Cheki BOX Please check the "Priestess Cheki BOX" special page on the official "instax "Cheki"" website!
The correct spelling of "禰" is "ネ" + "爾".


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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