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"In Jelly GAME BOOSTER" for gamers appeared from the familiar "in jelly" with a 10 second charge!

10秒チャージでおなじみの「inゼリー」からゲーマー向け「inゼリー GAME BOOSTER」が登場!

Nutrition is also an important element for gamers.
RED BULL and Monster Energy have sponsored e-sports tournaments and hosted events, and Otsuka Pharmaceutical's " BRAIN SPORTS DRINK e3 " and other types of products are increasing.
One such product, " in Jelly GAME BOOSTER," is now available from the well-known 10-second charge jelly-type nutritional supplement "in Jelly" for gamers!

Nutritional ingredients that support concentration


in Jelly GAME BOOSTER" contains Vitamin A and GABA for gamers who need deep concentration.
Each 180 g bag contains 400 to 1200 μg of vitamin A and28 mg of GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), so a single serving is sufficient to meet your needs.
It also tastes gusto and dark blueberry flavor and contains 3% fruit juice, so it seems to be good for the eyes.


Available December 6, exclusively on Amazon!

The "in jelly GAME BOOSTER" will go on sale on Friday, December 6, and will be sold exclusively on Amazon. Priced at 250 yen per unit (excluding tax), the product can be purchased in units of 6 or 36.
The sports-specific " in Jelly SPORTS BOOSTER " will also go on sale at the same time, so if you are interested, check that out too!
Nutritional supplementation is essential to maintain concentration, and "in Jelly GAME BOOSTER," which provides pinpoint intake of necessary nutrients, will surely enhance the precision of your play!

For more information on "in Jelly GAME BOOSTER," please visit the Morinaga Seika Corporation news release page, or purchase on Amazon!


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