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IKEA × ROG gaming furniture will be released in Japan in May 2021!

IKEA × ROGのゲーミング家具が2021年5月に日本発売決定!

Various manufacturers are now releasing gaming devices.
Not only the PC itself, but also keyboards, mice, monitors, headsets, etc., are all high-spec and stylishly designed. And since there are many shiny gaming devices on the market, you can choose the one that best suits your environment and preferences.
However, the wave of gaming has yet to really hit the furniture where the devices are installed.
In Japan, Bauhutte has launched a number of attractive gaming furniture products that will capture the hearts of gamers, but on a global scale, there are still few options.
IKEA, a Swedish company that sells furniture with excellent cost performance, and ROG, the gaming brand of ASUS, have teamed up to develop gaming furniture, as previously reported on funglr Games. The IKEA x ROG gaming furniture isnowbeing developed by IKEA and ROG.


Six Series Targeting PC Gamers

IKEA and ROG have announced that the gaming furniture jointly developed by IKEA and ROG will target mainly PC gamers and will be available in six product series.
"HUVUDSPELARE", "UTESPELARE", "MATCHSPEL", "GRUPPSPEL", "UPPSPEL" and "LÅNESPELARE". The "UPPSPEL" series will be designed in cooperation with IKEA and ROG.
The product lineup will include more than 30 products, so it is likely to be widely used by those who are planning to build a gaming environment as well as those who want to expand or purchase additional products.
The image released this time shows the " MATCHSPEL gaming chair," a gaming chair available in black and white.

IKEA公式サイト ニュースページ

UPPSPEL gaming desk ", a gaming desk with a USB port that can probably be raised and lowered

IKEA公式サイト ニュースページ

UPPSPEL drawer unit on castors ", a side table-like cabinet for storing gaming devices, food, etc.

IKEA公式サイト ニュースページ

UTESPELARE gaming desk ", a simple but convenient gaming desk with a net installed under the top panel

IKEA公式サイト ニュースページ

LÅNESPELARE mug with lid and straw and mug holder "

IKEA公式サイト ニュースページ

LÅNESPELARE ring light with phone holder ", a ring light and phone holder that may be useful for distribution or remote meetings

IKEA公式サイト ニュースページ

LÅNESPELARE multifunctional cushion/blanket ", a cushion with a pocket for warming hands and a wearable blanket-like item.

IKEA公式サイト ニュースページ

Mouse bungee and neck pillows are also available.

Mouse bungee

and neck pillows.

neck pillow

Although the target market is PC gamers, there are many items such as gaming chairs and gaming desks that would be good for consumer gamers and remote workers.
We can't wait for the announcement of all the products to go on sale in Japan, but let's wait for more news!
Gaming devices tend to be expensive, but only IKEA, with its excellent cost performance, is interested in the price range.

The product will be released in Japan in May 2021!

IKEA x ROG gaming furniture has been on sale at IKEA in China since January 29, 2021.
It will then go on sale at IKEA in Japan in May 2021, and will be available worldwide from October 2021.
I'm very happy that Japan was chosen as the second earliest region in the world to launch!
It will be about 3 months from now, but we at funglr Games hope to be able to purchase one and show you how we assembled it.... Let's wait for more information!
For more information, please check the IKEA official website news page and IKEA TODAY!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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