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Recover the fatigue of heroes! Amino acid energy coffee "Hero recovery" appeared!


Today's society is in the age of energy drink warfare.
Many energy drinks are being sold by many manufacturers.
Not only are there a variety of flavors, but there are also many products that contain energy ingredients in sports drinks, snacks ,jelly drinks, and more.
Among these, coffee products containing energy ingredients are gaining attention.
A certain number of people who enjoy coffee drink it to help them sleep or concentrate, and it is highly compatible with energy drinkers.
A new product has appeared in the energy coffee category! It is called " Heroic Recovery "!

Contains carefully selected energy ingredients

Heroic Recovery

Hero Recovery" is an amino acid energy coffee born from university research, sold by "Open Lab," an antenna store that collects research results from universities across Japan.
Each 185g can contains 1,000mg of carefully selected amino acids, including BCAA ( valine, leucine, isoleucine) and aspartic acid, which are concentration and recovery amino acids !
Yet it contains only 1/4 the amount of caffeine (about 25mg ) compared to regular coffee, making it a healthier coffee ingredient.
Hero Recovery" is not a "coffee beverage" or "coffee-infused soft drink" but a " coffee product " patented under the number 5561913.
It is a patented "coffee product" (No. 5561913), not a "coffee beverage" or "coffee-infused soft drink.

Two types available: black and milk

Heroic Recovery" is available in two types: " Heroic Recovery Black - Unsweetened," which is easy to drink and refreshing, and " Heroic Recovery Milk - Sweetened, " which has a robust flavor and is easy for anyone to drink.
Hero Recovery Black Unsweetened" is low in calories at only 6kcal per 100ml, making it safe to drink every day.
And with only 1/4 the amount of caffeine, even coffee and energy drinkers can drink it without worrying about taking in too much caffeine.
Hero Recovery Black - Unsweetened" and "Hero Recovery Milk - Sweetened" are currently on sale!
The price is 6,480 yen (including tax) for a box of 30 cans, or 216 yen (including tax) per can.
Shipping is free with purchases of 10,000 yen or more (tax not included), so if you just want "Hero Recovery," you can buy two boxes and get free shipping!
For more details and to purchase, please visit " Open Lab ", an antenna store that collects research products from universities all over Japan!


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