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Chill out with the scent of margao! Hamada Shuzo's botanical barley shochu "CHILL GREEN spicy & citrus" is now available!

「マーガオ」の香りでチルアウト!濵田酒造からボタニカル系麦焼酎「CHILL GREEN spicy & citrus」登場!

Whether you are working or studying, you inevitably accumulate fatigue and stress as you go about your daily life. While it is good to release stress through other activities such as games, karaoke, and sports, I feel that relaxing and calming yourself down is the best way to become stress-free both physically and mentally. During such " chill" time, you need to enjoy your favorite music or videos and have something to drink to relax you. There are many "chill" beverages on the market, and herbal teas and hot cocoa are also relaxing, but for adults who like to drink, an alcoholic beverage with a good aroma would be perfect. Many people probably think of DAIYAME, an authentic sweet potato shochu made by Hamada Shuzo, known for its "lychee-like" aroma. DAIYAME is also good for thyme, but Hamada Shuzo is introducing a new type of sake with a new aroma. The new " CHILL GREEN spicy & citrus " was developed based on the concept of a new genre of " botanical shochu ".


Barley shochu made with the rare spice "Margao

CHILL GREEN spicy&citrus
CHILL GREEN spicy&citrus

CHILL GREEN spicy&citrus is a new botanical barley shochu from Hamada Shuzo. It is made with Ma Gao, a rare Taiwanese spice that combines the aroma of citrus with the spiciness of pepper, and has an unprecedented new aroma. We want to be a brand that can accompany you in your hectic daily life and help you " spend your time leisurely and in your own way. The name " CHILL GREEN " is a combination of the words " chill out," which means to calm down or relax, and " green," which is an image of botanicals and natural products. The stylish design of the wine bottle also creates a relaxing "chill out" experience.

Recommended way to drink

It is good to drink it straight or on the rocks, but "CHILL GREEN spicy&citrus" is also characterized by its aromatic "margao" flavor, so we recommend "Chill High Ball " with carbonated soda or " Chill Tonic"" with tonic. quot;is recommended to open up the aroma. As a pairing, the spicy flavor of "Ma Gao" goes well with spicy dishes such as ethnic cuisine, and its robust flavor makes it a good match for strongly seasoned dishes. It also goes well with desserts such as chocolate, so it can be enjoyed as an after-dinner drink.

New release on February 23! Now accepting reservations!

"CHILL GREEN spicy&citrus" will go on sale on February 23, 2023 (Thursday, national holiday )! The price is 1,419 yen (tax included). Each bottle contains 720 ml and contains 25% alcohol. Prior to the release, pre-orders are now available at Shochu.Life, the official Hamada Shuzo e-commerce store! The new product from Hamada Shuzo is sure to attract a lot of attention, and the first shipment is likely to run out quickly. If you want to be sure of getting it, we recommend that you make an advance reservation. The busyness of the beginning of the year may have calmed down in 2023, but the busyness of the end of the fiscal year is about to arrive. It is not good for your body and mind if you are tired and stressed. Why don't you make a relaxing "chill-out" time with "CHILL GREEN spicy&citrus" and take care of yourself? For product details, please visit Denzoin Kura and for pre-orders, please visit Shochu.Life!


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Price deferred! Review the renewal "CHILL OUT" with the contents up to 135%!
Price deferred! Review the renewal "CHILL OUT" with the contents up to 135%!...

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