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Atsumori × a new collection added to the collaboration of Gelapike! Men's items appeared


The " Atsumare Animal Crossing " software for Nintendo Switch and the " gelato p ique" loungewear brand have collaborated to create a new collection of loungewear. The loungewear collection is a collaboration between the Nintendo Switch software "Atsumare Animal Crossing" and the loungewear brand "gelato pique ".
With the spread of the new coronavirus, items for spending comfortable time at home or in one's room have been attracting more attention, and the collaboration between the popular brand Gelapique and the popular game Atsumori has become a hot topic on SNS, with some items selling out.
The collaboration loungewear collection by Gelapique and Ats umori is now available for pre-order at the official online store of gelato pique!
Some items have been newly added to the collection, so let us introduce them to you!

The newly added items are mainly for men!

あつまれ Animal Crossing meets GELATO PIQUE
Atsumare Animal Crossing meets GELATO PIQUE
GELATO PIQUE オフィシャルオンラインストア

Gelato Pique is a fashion brand that mainly offers products for women, but with this announcement, items for men will also be available.
Gelato Pique's items are all irresistible with their "fluffy" and "fluffy" feel, and there must be many men who have always wanted to wrap themselves in such comfort.
The latest additions include ladies' and men's set-ups featuring Tsubukichi and Mamekichi, a large blanket, cushions, room shoes, and more!
The lineup of the order is the following 9 items!

Smoothie Tsubame-mame jacquard pullover and shorts
GELATO PIQUE オフィシャルオンラインストア

Smoothie Tsubame-mame Jacquard Pullover & Shorts

9,800 yen + tax

スムーズィーつぶまめジャガードプルオーバー&ハーフパンツ for MEN
Smoothy Tsubame Jacquard Pullover & Half Pants for MEN
GELATO PIQUE オフィシャルオンラインストア

Smoothie Tsubame Jacquard Pullover & Half Pants for MEN


Smoothy Tsubame Jacquard Blanket
GELATO PIQUE オフィシャルオンラインストア

Smoothy Tsubame Jacquard Blanket


Tsubame-mame Jacquard Pullover
GELATO PIQUE オフィシャルオンラインストア

Tsubu-mame Jacquard pullover


つぶまめジャガードプルオーバー for MEN
Tsubame Jacquard Pullover for MEN
GELATO PIQUE オフィシャルオンラインストア

Tsubumame Jacquard pullover for MEN


つぶまめジャガードプルオーバー for KIDS
Tsubame Jacquard Pullover for KIDS
GELATO PIQUE オフィシャルオンラインストア

Tsumemame Jacquard pullover for KIDS


Baby Moco Tsubu-mame Jacquard Blanket A
GELATO PIQUE オフィシャルオンラインストア

Baby Moco Tsubu-mame Jacquard Blanket A


Tsubame-mame Cushion
GELATO PIQUE オフィシャルオンラインストア

Tsubame-mame cushion

3,400 yen + tax

Tsubu-mame room shoes
GELATO PIQUE オフィシャルオンラインストア

Tsubemame Room Shoes


つぶまめルームシューズ for MEN
Tsubame-mame Room Shoes for MEN
GELATO PIQUE オフィシャルオンラインストア

Tsubu-mame Room Shoes for MEN


The collaboration items are available for a limited time only, and orders will be accepted until 23:59 on February 14 (Sun.), 2021.
For more details, please visit the "Atsumare Animal Crossing" collection special page on the official online store of gelato pique.


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Jera Pique × Atsumori! Pre-order sales of all 32 collections of "Atsushi Animal Crossing" motifs start!

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