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The birth of a "gaming zone"! "LANE COVER" released exclusively for sound game to improve the accuracy of play!

「ゲーミング帯」誕生!プレイの精度を上げる音ゲー専用「LANE COVER」発売決定!

This article has not yet been translated, so only the title & description and some of the text has been automatically translated.

The gaming device which is popular even but a high-performance item plays a game much.
There are many people who use a gaming keyboard and a gaming mouse in business with the person doing work of an IT course from the usability, too and a gaming chair is also adopted in a site of a professional baseball.
The item with which the environment that it'll be done to play a game is made for comfortableness such as foot warmer tables with a quilt over it, fingerstalls and straws is also sold much besides the necessary device and to play a game such as a keyboard, a mouse, a headset and monitoring, and you'd also be able to call those a gaming device.
Such, a new product joined in a gaming device of the type which doesn't shine!
The rhythm action game exclusive use which improves the accuracy of play "LANE COVER" is appearance!

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71564「ゲーミング帯」誕生!プレイの精度を上げる音ゲー専用「LANE COVER」発売決定!
Finally from that Razer, the gaming finger sack "Razer Gaming Finger Sleeve" is here!

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