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The birth of a "gaming zone"! "LANE COVER" released exclusively for sound game to improve the accuracy of play!

「ゲーミング帯」誕生!プレイの精度を上げる音ゲー専用「LANE COVER」発売決定!

There are many high-performance gaming devices that are popular not only for playing games.
Because of their ease of use, many IT professionals use gaming keyboards and mice in their work, and gaming chairs are even used by professional baseball players.
In addition to keyboards, mice, headsets, monitors, and other devices necessary for playing games, there are also many items on the market that create a comfortable environment for playing games, such as kotatsu (Japanese low table with a kotatsu), finger sacks, andstraws, which can also be called gaming devices. These devices can also be called "gaming devices.
A new product has joined the list of such non-luminescent gaming devices!
The "LANE COVER" is now available for music games to improve the precision of your play!


Securely fix the device and improve the precision of your play!

LANE COVER" for music games

The "LANE COVER " is an item released by the gaming brand " G.triGer ".
Many people who do not play music games may wonder "What is a LANE COVER? It is an item that increases the accuracy of your play by blindfolding a part of the screen.
Blindfolding a part of the screen may sound like an increase in difficulty, but the higher the difficulty of a song, the more notes will flow, so the amount of information on the screen will increase considerably.
So by physically narrowing the field of view by using a lane cover, you can make it easier to recognize the music score.
Many music game players make their own lane covers out of clear files or paper, but now, for the first time in history, G.triGer has made it into a commercial product!
LANE COVER" has the same meaning as the self-made ones in that it is a blindfold, but it is a product of "G.triGer".
With the development cooperation of Nanoflower(@nano_flower1) and Tsunamayo(@MayoAq99), who are both talented sound game players, this product is full of features!
First of all, the size can be adjusted by Velcro, and it can be used for large tablets such as the iPad.
Since the Velcro can be perfectly installed on the device used, it can be played stably without shifting during play.

LANE COVER" for music games

The "LANE COVER" does not allow the screen to be seen through the Velcro tape, but it does not narrow the field of view.
However, the "LANE COVER" does not allow the screen to be seen through the cover, and the screen is not transparent, so there is no need to remove the "LANE COVER" every time you want to tap on the blindfolded area.
It has a removable and adjustable adjuster to prevent the backside from rattling.

LANE COVER" for music games

As I mentioned above, this may not sound familiar to those who have never used a lane cover before.
For those of you who have not used lane covers before, Nanoflower, who assisted in the development of this product, has posted an introduction video on his YouTube channel!
Please take a look at the video, in which he explains the product and actually plays "Deemo" using the "LANE COVER "!

Free shipping for orders placed by November 10!

The "LANE COVER" for music games will be shipped in mid-November 2021 and will be priced at 1,500 yen (tax included).
Pre-orders are now being accepted at the official G.triGer e-commerce site, and shipping will be free for orders placed by 23:59 on November 10, 2021 (Wednesday)!
For players who have never used lane covers before, or even for those who have been using their own lane covers, the "LANE COVER", which is firmly fixed and stable, may improve your playing accuracy by one more step. Please consider it!
For product details and pre-orders, please check the official "G.triGer" EC site!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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