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Official licensed goods of survival horror game "Five Nights at Freddy's" are released from "Shimamura"!

サバイバルホラーゲーム「Five Nights at Freddy's」の公式ライセンスグッズが「しまむら」から発売!

Night security guard at a pizza parlor. It seems like a simple job that pays $120 a week, but the pizza parlor's mascot, the Animatrixes ( mechanical dolls), roam the parlor at night, and when they spot players, they force them into their stuffed animals.... Five Nights at Freddy ' s" (FNaF).
It is a very popular series with its cute characters and the gap between them and the attackers.
The latest title, " Five Nights At Freddy's: Security Breach," will be released on May 26, 2022 (Thursday) for PS4/PS5, and the game is expected to become even more popular in the future.
Official FNaF licensed goods are now on sale at Shimamura!

Official goods are now on sale at all Shimamura stores!

スクイッシュミーPR TIMES

FNaF officially licensed goods are now available at all Shimamura stores from July 9, 2022 (Sat)!
The new items are Squish Me and Backpack Hanger based on "Five Nights At Freddy's: Security Breach", the latest in the series!

Squish Me

スクイッシュミーPR TIMES
Squish Me" details
Product Contents 5 kinds + 1 secret (blind)
Price 979 yen (tax included)
Size Approx. 8-9cm
Product Material PU
Online site https://www.shop-shimamura.com/item/0131700004542/

Backpack hanger

バックパックハンガーPR TIMES
Backpack Hanger" details
Contents Total 6 kinds + 1 secret (blind)
Price 979 yen (including tax)
Size Approx. 5.5-6cm
Product Material Non-phthalate PVC
Online site https://www.shop-shimamura.com/item/0131700004543/

Also available at Shimamura Online Store!


Shimamura Online Store is now accepting reservations for Squish Me and Backpack Hanger until Sunday, July 17, 2022 at 23:00!
They will be shipped around mid-August 2022, and will be closed when the planned number is reached.


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