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The new innovation of VR headset expectation "Oculus Quest 2" is finally released tomorrow!

VRヘッドセット期待の新機軸「Oculus Quest 2」がついに明日発売!

The hurdles to going outside have become much higher in recent days due to the new coronavirus.
Recently, things have calmed down and we are getting more opportunities to go outside while taking precautions through the GoTo campaign and other measures.
Nevertheless, various events have been canceled or postponed this year. On the other hand, virtual space, which can reduce the risk of infection through contact, is attracting attention as a stage for events, isn't it?
The equipment needed to fully enjoy that virtual space is a VR headset, but some people may not know which one to buy and may be unable to choose one even though they have become interested in VR.
This time, we would like to introduce the " Oculus Quest 2 " from Facebook, which will go on sale tomorrow, October 13, 2020 (Tuesday )!

Experience your first real VR experience with the "Oculus Quest 2"!

Oculus Quest 2
Oculus Quest 2
Introducing Oculus Quest 2

Facebook announced its new VR headset "Oculus Quest 2" on Thursday, September 17, 2020.
The deciding factors are its overwhelmingly high cost performance, easy setup, and availability!

No PC required + overwhelmingly inexpensive, cost-effective, and seamless!

First of all, the obvious point of high cost performance is that no PC connection is required.
Many other full-fledged VR headsets, such as the " Oculus Rift S " and " Valve Index," require a PC connection.
In addition, the PC requires advanced image processing, so if you don't have a PC with the performance to handle it, you will be asked to spend about 150,000 yen separately from the VR headset.
On the other hand, "Oculus Quest 2" allows you to enter a virtual space with only a VR headset, so it is not affected by the performance of your PC, or even if you do not have a PC, you can easily start using VR.

The two models with different capacities are priced at 37,100 yen for the 64GB model and49,200 yen for the 256GB model ( direct sales site price, tax included), which is an exceptionally low price for a VR headset.
The "Valve Index" mentioned earlier as an example is very expensive at just under 130,000 yen, and since the author purchased it together with a PC, the total cost was about 300,000 yen.
Although it is a very satisfying product in terms of image quality and fit, I cannot recommend it to everyone because it is a gadget for enthusiasts.
In contrast, the "Oculus Quest 2" has a proven track record of popularizing a full-fledged VR experience, having sold 705,000 units (May-December 2019) of its predecessor, the "Oculus Quest," and has undergone a legitimate evolution that has greatly improved most of its performance. The new device is a legitimate evolution of the previous model, with most of the performance improvements made since then, while still selling for $100 less.
It is a revolutionary new model that allows users to enjoy a full-fledged VR experience at the price point of a smartphone or gaming hardware.

Oculus Quest 2
Oculus Quest 2
Introducing Oculus Quest 2

Convenience established by cable-free, inside-out system

The advantages of no PC connection are not limited to a low initial investment.
One unexpected problem is the cable situation that comes with PC-connected VR headsets.
A reasonably thick cable hangs down from the back of the head to supply the information and power necessary for the VR experience, and sometimes it gets caught in the legs.
When VR headsets are handled at exhibitions, you will almost always see an attendant holding the cable behind you.
Although it does not seem to be a serious risk of falling, it still seems to be a source of concern for those unfamiliar with VR, to the extent that it needs to be taken into consideration, or simply as a sensation in the legs that interferes with immersion.
With the cable-free "Oculus Quest 2," these negatives can be eliminated.

Furthermore, "Oculus Quest 2" uses an inside-out system that does not require an external sensor.
This eliminates the need to build a so-called "VR room" with stands and pillars for sensors for models that require external sensors, and simplifies the associated setup.
These features are the same as those used in the previous "Oculus Quest" model, and at that point, the performance is sufficient. We can recommend it with confidence.

Oculus Quest 2
Oculus Quest 2
Introducing Oculus Quest 2

VR in consumer electronics stores! Full-scale development for Japan

One of the most innovative points of the "Oculus Quest 2" is that it will be sold at major electronics retailers such as Yodobashi Camera, Yamada Denki, Bic Camera, and GEO.
Until now, the only sales channels available have been online, such as the official website and Amazon, making it difficult to purchase a VR headset after trying it on and experiencing it for yourself.
Since VR headsets are a new device, many people may not have been able to purchase a VR headset even if they wanted to try it for the first time, because they did not know what it was like in person and it was expensive.
The "Oculus Quest 2" is packaged in a bright, white-based impression, with the logo clearly displayed, making it much easier to understand, perhaps with an eye toward in-store sales.
Up until now, some PC specialty stores have offered trial games, but if major electronics retailers also do so, it is likely that the opportunities to experience VR will increase dramatically in the future.

Dive into the infinite possibilities of virtual space!

Oculus Quest 2
Oculus Quest 2
Introducing Oculus Quest 2

Naturally, events and games are not the only virtual spaces that can be accessed with VR headsets.
You can watch Netflix, Amazon's Prime Video, and other video distribution services on a large screen that fills your entire field of vision, or you can use the depth of the space to draw illustrations and text to expand the range of your creations and presentations. The depth of the space can be used to draw illustrations and text to expand the scope of creation and presentation.
This could be an opportunity to increase indoor enjoyment of the coronavirus disaster.
The effects of the spread of the new coronavirus are still unpredictable and will not be resolved in a short period of time, so virtual spaces will probably continue to be utilized in the future.
The amazing cost performance and ease of use of the "Oculus Quest 2" may be Facebook's serious attempt to popularize and standardize the use of VR headsets in this era.
There is no doubt that the "Oculus Quest 2" is a "must buy" VR headset, so please try the "Oculus Quest 2" in stores and dive into the virtual world!
For more information, please visit the official "Oculus Quest 2" page.

"Oculus Quest 2" Specifications
Chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2
(Snapdragon 865 equivalent)
Display High-speed switch LCD display
Resolution 1832 x 1920 on one eye
Tracking 6DoF
Refresh Rate 72Hz
90Hz supported in future updates
Storage 64GB, 256GB
Battery life Gaming: 2 hours
Video viewing: 3 hours
(Battery can be expanded with optional Quest 2 Elite strap)
Charging Time Approx. 3 hours
IPD 58mm,63mm,68mm
Controller power supply AA battery x 2
Connection to PC Not required, can be connected
(W x H x D)
Folded: 191.5 x 102 x 142.5 mm
Expanded: 191.5 x 102 x 295.5 mm
Weight 503g
Price (tax included) 64GB: 37,100 yen
256GB:49,200 yen


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