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EPOS "H3" sealed wired gaming headset for all-round use is released!

オールラウンドに使用できる密閉型有線ゲーミングヘッドセット EPOS「H3」発売!

One of the most important elements in games is sound.
In addition to music and sound effects for powerful and emotional effects, depending on the game genre, the smallest details of sound can often be the difference between victory and defeat.
No matter how good the sound is created on the game side or how good the PC used, if the device that ultimately reproduces the sound is not good enough, it will not be able to reproduce the sound properly.
For this reason, high-quality gaming headsets are very popular, especially those made by audio manufacturers and other sound specialists.
EPOS was one of the first audio manufacturers to enter the gaming headset market and is well known for its high-quality products, and now it has released a new sealed wired gaming headset, the H3.

EPOS | SENNHEISERの人気ゲーミングヘッドセット「GSP 600」に新色「GSP 601」「GSP 602」が発表!

High-quality wired headset for a wide range of uses


The EPOS "H 3" is a high quality wired gaming headset that can be used in a wide range of situations.
The 3.5mm 4-pole headset can be used with game consoles and smartphones, while the 2 x 3.5mm 3-poleheadset can be used with PCs and other devices that have separate speaker and microphone jacks.
The sound is powerful and bass-enhanced, enhancing the immersion of the game.
For those who want even more sound, it is fully compatible withEPOS headset amplifiers with DAC ( including the GSX 300 and GSX 1200 PRO).
You will be able to enjoy endless sound variations with the amplifier.

The sealed earcups have a passive noise canceling effect, allowing you to enjoy high-quality sound while blocking out surrounding sounds.
The H3 earcups are designed to fit comfortably around the ear without pressure, and the speakers are angled within the enclosure to avoid contact with the ear, so that they can be worn for long periods of time without feeling constricted. The speakers are designed to be angled within the enclosure to avoid contact with the ear.
The stainless steel slider on the headband is marked with a length memory, so you can take it for yourself and keep track of the perfect length.
The dial on the right ear cup also allows for intuitive volume adjustment.

The microphone, which is important for communication during game play, is capable of delivering crisp, clear audio in studio quality.
The microphone can be switched to mute simply by bouncing up the boom arm for added convenience.

Now on sale by popular demand, but slightly in short supply.

EPOS "H3" is now on sale ! It is available in two colors: cool onyx black and clean ghost white.
The price is open price. The reference price is around 17,380 yen (including tax).
This is the newest addition to the very popular EPOS lineup, and because of its relatively affordable price, some retailers are out of stock.
If you are interested in this product, you may consider purchasing it as soon as you find it.
GW will be coming in the near future, but it is unlikely that we will be able to travel much during GW 2021.
In that case, the best thing to do is stay home and enjoy the games!
With better sound, you will be able to enjoy the games you always play and the new games you are about to start more than ever!
Get a better sound and a better game life!
For more information, please visit the EPOS "H3" product page!

EPOS "H3" Specifications
Technical Data
Operating temperature range 0 - 40
Storage temperature range 0 - 40
Size 88 mm. + 189 mm. + 167 mm
Product height 167 mm.
+ 21 mm. + 75 mm. 75 mm. + 104 mm. + 21 mm.
Weight 270 g
Cable length 2000 mm
Included accessories AudioCable
Package weight (incl. total product and packaging) 651 g
Product package size (L x W x H) 226 mm. x 95 mm. x 237 mm.


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