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Elecom will release a USB memory-sized sliding external SSD with antibacterial and antiviral processing in mid-September!


Elecom Corporation has announced that it will release small, lightweight, USB memory-sized slide-in external SSDs with antibacterial and antiviral processing in mid-September 2022!
The three products to be released are the same model with different capacities: " ESD-EHL0250GBK ", " ESD-EHL0500GBK ", and " ESD-EHL1000GBK ".

New Compact and Lightweight Sliding External SSD on Sale

ESD-EHL Series

Elecom Corporation will release three slide-in external SSDs, ESD-EHL0250GBK, ESD-EHL0500GBK, and ESD-EHL1000GBK, in mid-September 2022.
These products feature antibacterial and antiviral processing on the main body, so they are always clean and safe to use.
The product conforms to the antimicrobial test specified by the Japanese Standards Association ( JSA), and has the ability to inhibit or inhibit the growth of bacteria on the surface of the main body.

Anti-bacterial and anti-virus processing

The product has also received the "SIAA Mark," which certifies that it conforms to the quality and safety rules for antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral products by the Society for Antimicrobial Articles of Association (SIAA), and its effectiveness is endorsed by third parties.

Lightweight! Compact!

This product is compact and lightweight, taking advantage of the characteristics of SSDs, which do not have a drive like HDDs, making it easy to carry around even with a large capacity.
Weighing approximately 12g and measuring 61mm (W) x 21mm (D) x 11mm (H), it is the size of a standard USB memory stick!
The connector part is a sliding type and also has a strap hole for attaching a strap of your choice.

USB3.2(Gen2) for crispy operation!

USB3.2(Gen2) compliant

It supports USB3.2(Gen2) high-speed data transfer, and ELECOM Co., Ltd. has announced actual measured values of up to 600MB/s reading and 500MB/s writing.

Of course, it can also be used as expansion storage for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.
Note, however, that PlayStation 5 software data cannot be launched from the expansion storage!
In order to launch PlayStation 5 software, game data must be copied to the internal SSD storage, and this product makes data copying a breeze.

The three slide-in external SSDs, ESD-EHL0250GBK, ESD-EHL0500GBK, and ESD-EHL1000GBK, will be available in mid-September 2022.
The scheduled release date on Amazon.co.jp is Sunday, September 11, 2022.
Please refer to the product pages for specifications and other details.


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