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Action figures from "ELDEN RING" to "Finger Trace Vike" will be released in January 2023! Reservations will be accepted from July 15 (Fri)!

「ELDEN RING」から“指痕爛れのヴァイク”のアクションフィギュアが2023年1月に発売決定!7月15日(金)から予約受付開始!

ELDEN RING " is a popular action RPG developed by From Software and Namco Bandai.
In May 2022, it was announced that deformed figures of " Melina," a finger priestess, and " Wolf War Demon," two characters from "Elden Ring," would appear in the game.
The previous deformed figure was from the "Figuarts mini" series, and now a new figure from the " S.H.Fig uarts" action figure series has been announced!

Figuarts Mini of ELDEN RING Melina and Raging Wolf to be Launched in October 2022!

Vike, with his fingerprints still sore, is now a posable figure!


The faded " Weik the Fingerprint Sore", who once came closest to the King of Elde and was burned by a mad fire, is now available as a posable figure!
In addition to the movable mechanism of the whole body, soft material is used in various parts to achieve a wider range of movable parts!
In addition, a variety of optional parts are included, such as " Vaiku's War Spear " and " Mad Fire " effect.
Please display her at your desk or in your room in the pose of your choice!


Vaik, the fading man depicted on the game package.
No wonder he was chosen as the first figure in the S.H.Figuarts "ELDEN RING" series!
The "Vike with Fingerprints" will be available for pre-order in stores from Friday, July 15, 2022, and is scheduled to be released in January 2023.
The price is 7,700 yen (tax included ).

Detailed product information
Type General over-the-counter
Price 7,700 yen (including tax)
Release date January 2023
Ages 15 years old and up
Height Approx. 160mm
Material PVC, ABS
Set Contents Main body
3 replaceable wrists (left and right)
Vike's War Spear
Crazy fire effect


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