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Dunlop, who is familiar with tires, enters eSports! "Dunlop Gaming Muscle Arm Supporter" to support muscle movement is also announced!

タイヤでおなじみのダンロップから、筋肉の動きもサポートする「ダンロップ ゲーミング マッスル アームサポーター」発表!

Stylish design with considerable performance. And the world of gaming devices is familiar with shiny things.
Gaming PCs and gaming devices are not only for games, but can also be used comfortably for today's games that require high load and high precision.
In addition to digital devices, gaming devices that are useful for playing games are also on the market, such as " AIM COVER MK-II COMPRESSION," which was jointly developed with Kenki, a professional gamer belonging to Father No Back, and "quot; Pro Fitz for e-learning" from Pip, which is well known for its electric band. quot; Pro Fits for e-SPORTS Wrist Armor " from Pip, a well-known brand of electric band, are also very popular products that support the arms and wrists that are mainly overused.
Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd., well known for its " Dunlop " products, has entered the gaming device market for the first time! The company has announced the release of a gaming arm supporter!

ゲーミングアームカバーの新モデル「AIM COVER MK-II COMPRESSION」販売開始!

The "Gaming Muscle", the "Second Muscle"!

ダンロップ ゲーミング マッスル アームサポーター
Dunlop Gaming Muscle Arm Supporter

Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd. has announced its first entry into the e-sports market, the " Dunlop Gaming Muscle Arm Supp orter," a gaming arm supporter!
Although Dunlop has a strong image as a tire manufacturer, the company has also been focusing on sports businesses such as golf and tennis, so entering the "e-sports" market is a natural step for the company.
However, there are many arm supporters on the market today from various manufacturers, and there are many users, but the reason why Dunlop dared to enter the arm supporter market as its first product is because the "Dunlop Gaming Muscle Arm Supporter" has six features that make use of the know-how it has cultivated to date. The first one is the arm and mouse pad.

The first is the use of a low-friction material that reduces the resistance between the arm and the mouse pad, resulting in a surprisingly smooth feel.
The "Dunlop Gaming Muscle Arm Supporter" makes your forearms glide smoothly against the mouse pad and reduces the frictional resistance between the forearms and the mouse pad. The "Dunlop Gaming Muscle Arm Supporter" is a great help for mouse operation. This makes the operation of the mouse much easier.

ダンロップ ゲーミング マッスル アームサポーター
Dunlop Gaming Muscle Arm Supporter

The second is to support muscle movement by compression.
As an arm supporter, it is a matter of course to prevent skin chafing and trauma caused by friction between the arm and mouse pad, but the "Dunlop Gaming Muscle Arm Supporter" also provides moderate pressure to the entire arm.
The Dunlop Gaming Muscle Arm Supporter also provides moderate compression over the entire arm to reduce unnecessary muscle movement and vibration, helping to improve performance.

ダンロップ ゲーミング マッスル アームサポーター
Dunlop Gaming Muscle Arm Supporter

Third, the shape of the body covers the bottom of the palm, which is suitable for e-sports players who hold a mouse.
Dunlop analyzed the movements of e-sports players and found that not only their forearms but also the bottom of their palms are in contact with the mouse pad.
The " wrapper" shape covers the bottom of the palm in one piece to further reduce friction with the mouse pad.

ダンロップ ゲーミング マッスル アームサポーター
Dunlop Gaming Muscle Arm Supporter

The fourth feature is a little finger hook that prevents the bottom of the palm from slipping off.
Even if the bottom of the palm is covered by the unique "wrapper shape," if it slips off during mouse operation, the effect will be reduced by half.
Therefore, to prevent it from slipping off, it is equipped with a hook that is hooked onto the little finger without interfering with mouse operation.
The hook is very soft and does not get in the way, which is a very nice feature.

ダンロップ ゲーミング マッスル アームサポーター
Dunlop Gaming Muscle Arm Supporter

The fifth is the nano-fiber material on the back of the forearm.
This nano-fiber material is used in the palm of golf gloves as a non-slip material, and it fits the arm to prevent it from sl ipping off.
Dunlop's accumulated know-how in the golf business is utilized in this product.

ダンロップ ゲーミング マッスル アームサポーター
Dunlop Gaming Muscle Arm Supporter

The sixth and final feature is the use of sweat-absorbent, quick-drying material.
During the development stage, Dunlop interviewed e-sports players who said, "When playing for long periods of time, humidity and perspiration can change the degree of mouse slippage, causing a loss of a sense of aim.
The use of sweat-absorbent, quick-drying material allows moisture and perspiration to dry quickly during long periods of play, ensuring a comfortable feel.

ダンロップ ゲーミング マッスル アームサポーター
Dunlop Gaming Muscle Arm Supporter

The "Dunlop Gaming Muscle Arm Supporter" is the result of all of this attention to detail, and has received comments from SPYGEA(@spygea_jp ), one of Japan's leading e-sports players and streamers.


As someone who has been involved in e-sports for many years and know many athletes who have had to retire due to injury, I am very pleased to see that Dunlop, which has long supported professional athletes in various genres, has developed a new supporter that focuses on the physical care of e-sports players. I am very pleased to see the development of this new supporter that focuses on e-sports player's body care.
Wearing this supporter will greatly improve the smoothness of right-hand mouse operation, and will lead to a high level of stability of the AIM movement, which is the lifeline for FPS players.
Currently, the practice of playing with a supporter is not yet well established in e-sports, but this product, which can simultaneously prevent injury and improve performance, will become indispensable for players in the future.

"ダンロップ ゲーミング マッスル アームサポーター"公式サイト

The game will be released on October 26th!

The Dunlop Gaming Muscle Arm Supporter will be released on Wednesday, October 26, 2022!
It will be priced at 4,400 yen (tax included ) and will be available in two sizes, S-M and M-L.
The official website provides the dimensions of each size for reference. It seems to be a good rule of thumb to choose by measuring the thickness of your upper arm.
The product also provides muscle support through compression, so wearing it correctly will maximize its effectiveness.
Videos on how to wear the product correctly are available, so watch the videos and wear the product correctly until you become accustomed to wearing it.

As with everyday practice, online and offline competitions can be quite long.
The "Dunlop Gaming Muscle Arm Supporter" assists smooth mouse operation, supports muscles, prevents slippage, and dries sweat and moisture, so I have a feeling that once you use it, it will become a partner you can't live without.
We expect it to be very popular once it goes on sale, so if you're interested in purchasing one, be sure to check back soon so you can get your hands on one when it goes on sale!
For more information, please visit the official "Dunlop Gaming Muscle Arm Supporter" website and official Twitter (@DUNLOPesportsjp)!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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