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The price is 3.3 million yen! ? "Hudler SS Knights Silver Chess Set" that reproduces the chess pieces of The Great Demon King Burn will be released!

お値段なんと330万円!?大魔王バーンのチェス駒を再現した「ハドラー親衛騎士団 シルバー製チェスセット」発売決定!

Dragon Quest - Dai no Daibouken" is a popular TV animation series that airs every Saturday from 9:30 on TV Tokyo.
This is of course the first time that the younger generation has seen "Dai no Daiboken", but "DRAGON QUEST - Dai no Daiboken", which was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump, is also enjoyed by people in their 30s and 40s who are in the real-time generation.
The anime adaptation of "DRAGON QUEST - Dai no Daiboken" was still in serialization when it was first made in 1991, so the story is being depicted in a way that had not yet been visualized!
The "Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibouken" TV anime, which began airing in October 2020, will soon celebrate its first anniversary.
To commemorate this, a special item will be on sale! The chess piece that appeared in the work will be made into a product!

The chess piece made of Orihalcon has been commercialized!

ハドラー親衛騎士団 シルバー製チェスセット
Knights of the Guard of Hadler Silver Chess Set
"ハドラー親衛騎士団 シルバー製チェスセット"製品ページ

The special item to be released to commemorate the first anniversary of the "Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibouken" anime is the " Hadrah's Guard Knights Silver Chess Set ".
The item is a high-quality silver chess set made by skilled jewelry craftsmen that reproduces the orihalcon chess pieces held by Daimaou Byrne, which also appeared in the anime.
The "Pawn Him ", "Knight Sigma ", "Bishop Fenbrenn ", and "Castle Soldier", all of which appeared in the anime that is currently airing, are also included in the set.

ハドラー親衛騎士団 シルバー製チェスセット
Knights of the Hadler Guard Silver Chess Set
"ハドラー親衛騎士団 シルバー製チェスセット"製品ページ

The "Rook Brock," "Queen Albinus, " and "King " are all practical in size and overwhelming in weight.
They are beautiful from all angles and are reproduced three-dimensionally.

ハドラー親衛騎士団 シルバー製チェスセット
Knights of the Hadler Guards silver chess set
"ハドラー親衛騎士団 シルバー製チェスセット"製品ページ

The set is made of 925 silver and has two types of surface finishes, silver and black coding, so it is beautiful when displayed, but you can also enjoy the antique texture it develops when used.
The set also includes a custom-made wooden chess board and a stand to store and display the pieces.
The brass plate on the stand is engraved with a serial number, so you can prove that your piece is the only one of its kind in the world.

ハドラー親衛騎士団 シルバー製チェスセット
Knights of the Hadler Guard silver chess set
"ハドラー親衛騎士団 シルバー製チェスセット"製品ページ

As a special bonus, the set comes with an autographed color paper signed by Emiko Miyamoto, the character designer for the anime, depicting the "Hadler Guardians"!
It is inevitable that this will be a very rare paper, but let's look forward to more information on what kind of design it will be!

Complete custom order production! The price is...

The "Knights of the Hadler Guard Silver Chess Set" will be available for pre-order in early November 2021, in limited quantities and completely made-to-order at a price of 3,300,000 yen (tax included) The price will be $3,500!
The item will be quite expensive, but considering that it is made of 925 silver, and that it will be sculpted by a skilled jewelry craftsman, and that it will be a limited edition item, we feel that it is not expensive at all...!
If the number of items produced exceeds the planned number, the production will end at that time, so you had better decide whether you want to buy it or not before the pre-order starts!
So make up your mind as you await the start of pre-orders!
For more information on the product, please visit the "Knights of the Guard of Hadler Silver Chess Set" product page at UTREASURE, Inc.


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