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A big reversal with a secret tool!? Savannah Takahashi's "Doraemon" × "Shogi" new sense game "Doraemon Secret Tool Shogi" will be released on August 6th!

ひみつ道具で大逆転!?サバンナ高橋さん考案の「ドラえもん」×「将棋」の新感覚ゲーム「ドラえもん ひみつ道具将棋」が8月6日に発売!

Shogi, a traditional Japanese board game, has been in existence since the Heian period (794-1185) and is still very popular today.
According to game theory, Shogi is classified as a two-player zero sum perfect information game with no element of luck.
In such a case...you would like to borrow a cat's hand from the future, wouldn't you!
Well, here is a chess game that makes that dream come true!

Doraemon Secret Tool Shogi".

ドラえもん ひみつ道具将棋
Doraemon Secret Tool Shogi

Shigeo Takahashi, a comedian who is known as one of the best "Doraemon" connoisseurs in the entertainment industry and is so famous for his love of shogi that he hosts a shogi (Japanese chess) show, has created " Doraemon: Secret Tools Shogi" that combines "Doraemon" and "shogi". Secret Tools Shogi ", which combines "Doraemon" and "Shogi"!
You can play Shogi using the original Shogi pieces illustrated in the cartoon, and if you use the 16 different Himitsu-togu cards well, you can turn the tables and even a beginner can beat a Meijin...maybe even a Meijin!
The game also comes with a 4-dimensional pocket pouch to store the Shogi pieces, Shogi board, and cards when you are done playing, so you can play anytime, anywhere!

Examples of secret tools

  • " Door Anywhere ": You can move one of your pieces to an empty square.
  • Big Light ": to make one of your pieces or your opponent's piece move to an empty square.
  • Fluttering Cloak ": to dodge a piece that comes for your piece.
  • Abecombe: Swaps all of your pieces with those of your opponent.


The Doraemon Secret Tool Shogi, the Shogi pieces, the Shogi board, the Secret Tool card, and the 4-dimensional pocket pouch will all be original manga illustrations!
The Shogi board and pieces are also printed with illustrations of Doraemon characters, so you can memorize the names of the pieces with the illustrations, and "Doraemon" fans can also enjoy playing Shogi and learning the rules!

On sale on August 6 (Sat)!


Doraemon Secret Tools Shogi" will go on sale on Saturday, August 6, 2022 at toy specialty stores, mass merchandisers and online stores nationwide!
The suggested retail price is 3,828 yen! For more information, please visit Epoch's official website.
I never thought that the "Secret Tool Game " collaboration project with Savannah Takahashi's YouTube channel in March 2021 with Aioi Kagawa Women's 4-dan would become a commercial product.
In the video, there were 7 kinds of secret tools, but in this product, there are 16!
The scene of the game with Mr. Kagawa, who also loves Doraemon, is also interesting, and if you want to feel the atmosphere of the game in this product, please watch the video!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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