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Sold Out! DAIYAME Terrine Chocolat set, perfect for adult Valentine's Day, is now available for reservation!


It seems like only a few weeks ago that the new year had just begun, but now that the "Nijyussei no Tsudoi" (New Year's Celebration) is over and the "Common University Entrance Test" is over, January 2023 will be the second half of the year. Although we are all looking forward to taking a short break, I am sure that students preparing for entrance examinations will still have a tough time ahead of them, so please take care of your health and try not to overexert your selves. Various events have already passed in 2023, but the exciting " Valentine's Day " awaits us in February. It was a long time ago that girls gave chocolates to boys, and now it is a day for boys to give chocolates to girls, and for friends and family to express their appreciation for their loved ones. Even so, the image of Valentine's Day = chocolates is still strong, and people are happy when they receive chocolates. Every year, manufacturers release special chocolates for Valentine's Day, and now there is a new product that is perfect as a gift for those who like to drink. The terrine chocolates made with DAIYAME, an authentic sweet potato shochu made by Hamada Shuzo, known for its "lychee-like aroma," are now available for pre-order!


Adult chocolates made with DAIYAME

DAIYAME Terrine Chocolat Set

The "DAIYAME Terrine Chocolat Set " is now available for reservation in time for Valentine's Day 2023. The set includes a terrine chocolat made with DAIYAME and a 720ml bottle of DAIYAME, both created in collaboration with Patisserie Yanagimura, a confectionery store in Kagoshima, Japan. DAIYAME~ 720ml. This year marks the third collaboration with DAIYAME Terrine Chocolat, a very popular product that was sold out early in 2021 and 2022.

DAIYAME Terrine Chocolat

The terrine chocolat is so rich and smooth that it is almost like eating raw chocolate. The richness and lingering taste of the cocoa spreads in the mouth , and the fruity and crisp lychee-like aroma of DAIYAME, which is used in the product, leaves a fascinating aroma in the nose. This year, bamboo leaves soaked in DA IYAME are placed over the terrine chocolat, so that the fragrance and flavor of DAIYAME spreads vividly at the moment of eating.


DAIYAME is used in the terrine chocolat, so of course it goes perfectly with DAIYAME. We recommend pairing it with " Cool DAIYAME ", which is chilled to a crisp and served straight up, or " DAIYAME Highball ", whose aroma is further enhanced by carbonation. Let's spend an adult Valentine's Day together with the set of "DAIYAME~DAIYAME~ 720ml"".

Order by February 9 to get it in time for Valentine's Day!

The DAIYAME Terrine Chocolat Set is currently available for pre-order for 4,510 yen (tax included)and can be purchased through Hamada Shuzo's official Shochu.life website. The product will be delivered frozen via cool delivery, and must be stored frozen, so be sure to make room in your freezer. We also request that you consume the product within 14 days of shipment. The products will be shipped sequentially starting in early February 2023, and orders placed by Thursday, February 9, 2023 will allow for delivery by Valentine's Day, Tuesday, February 14, 2023... but due to the limited quantities, it is very likely that the product will sell out early! If you are considering purchasing, I think it would be safer to make your reservation as soon as possible without thinking that it is not too late. And it goes without saying that Terrine Chocolat contains alcohol, and DAIYAME is made with Imojochu (sweet potato shochu), so people under 20 years old should not purchase it. Therefore, people under the age of 20 are not allowed to purchase it! You must be 20 years old to drink! For those of you who are over 20 and love to drink, why not make this Valentine's Day a special one with the "DAIYAME Terrine Chocolat Set"? For details and reservations, please visit Shochu.life!


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Recommended by Arashi's Aiba Masaki  !
Recommended by Arashi's Aiba Masaki ! "DAIYAME"Japanese Sweet Potato Shochu with lychee-...

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