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"COMP", which is familiar with complete food, enters the world of enadori! Revolutionary energy drink "DETECTIVE" announced!


In today's energy drink warring age, various manufacturers have released a wide variety of energy drinks, so you can choose the one that best suits your tastes and gives you the energy you need.
There is a wide variety of energy drinks on the market, but some people think that energy drinks are not so good for you because they are carbonated drinks with unique flavors and are full of sugar and caffeine. Many people may have the image that energy drinks are not so good for the body, to be honest.
Although there are now a variety of flavors, including non-carbonated and zero-calorie ones, it is difficult to change the public image of energy drinks....
A new product that may change the image of energy drinks is now available, and you may be surprised to hear the name of the manufacturer.
COMP", a well-known brand of complete meals, is entering the world of energy drinks!

Innovative energy drink with no sugar, no carbonation, and 0 kcal!


COMP " is a Japanese brand of balanced nutritional food based on the concept of a "complete meal" established in 2015.
The nutritional balance of the product is so well balanced that it can be called a "complete meal." It is used for a variety of purposes, such as for managing one's physical condition, dieting, and replacing meals when time is short.
Although the powder type is the mainstream, there are various types of products such as bar type, gummy type, drink type, ice cream type, and so on.
It may seem hard to believe that COMP would launch an energy drink, but since it is COMP, it is different from the energy drinks of the past.
DETECTIVE " is an energy drink for all "immersive" modern people who compete on the basis of concentration and judgment.


DETECTIVE" is a revolutionary energy drink with no sugar, no carbonation, and zero calories, which is the complete opposite of the image people have of energy drinks.
We extensively examined the ingredients with the goal of creating a clean and functional energy drink. The ingredients were carefully selected and blended without hesitation to create a unique combination of various botanical ingredients.
The first ingredient of particular note is " glycosylated hesperidin," a type of flavanone (a type of polyphenol) found in citrus fruits such as Onshu mandarins and dai dai.
It is a substance that combines hesperidin (vitamin P) with glucose, which retains the beneficial functions of hesperidin, which is almost insoluble in water, while dramatically increasing its solubility in water.
Each bottle contains 285 mg of monoglucosyl hesperidin ( approximately 220 mg of hesperidin).
The second ingredient is naryltin, a flavanone found in citrus fruits such as jambara and yuzu.
DETECTIVE" contains 35 mg of narylutin derived from jambara peel extract per bottle, which is combined with glycosylated hesperidin to form an original flavanone mix.
The third and final ingredient is coffee fruit extract.
Employed as a shared source of caffeine, Coffeeberry Coffee Fruit Fruit Extract has been selected.
This allows for the addition of nutrients such as chlorogenic acid as well as caffeine, which is synergistically enhanced with glycosylated hesperidin and nalirutin to provide additional energy.
The caffeine content is also well contained at 125 mg per 245 g bottle.
Erythritol and stevia are used as sweeteners instead of sugar, giving it a refreshing, cool taste.


Many people have never heard of "glycosylated hesperidin" and "naryltin," and to be honest, it is hard to understand just from the words, isn't it?
Then you have no choice but to try it out for yourself! But the product will not be available until the summer of 2022!
As for the release date and price, we will be waiting for further announcements on the official COMP website and official Twitter (@comp_official )!

Be the first to get it! Present Campaign!

It's impossible not to be concerned about the completely new "energy drink" that COMP is working on, isn't it?
But now that you know about it, it's human nature to be curious about it. I was wondering if there was any way I could get my hands on a copy of "DETECTIVE" and now there' s a giveaway campaign!
Two pre-sale samples of " DETECTIVE v .1.0 " will be raffled off to 200 lucky win ners.
The campaign is a chance to win two pre-sale samples of "DETECTIVE v .1.0" and be the first in the world to drink it!
To participate in the campaign, please enter your information on the " DETECTIVE" Release Commemorative Sample Giveaway Campaign entry form.
The entry period is until 23:59 on June 30, 2022 (Thursday ), and is limited to one entry per person. Winners will receive the prize in mid-July 2022.
The application form includes details on eligibility and precautions, so be sure to read and agree to all of them before applying!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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