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The familiar cheerio "Sweet Kiss" with "Oh unknown taste" has become Chu Hai and newly appeared!


Cheerio " is a beverage manufacturer that offers a wide range of products, including the super-living beverage "Lifeguard.
Recently, Cheerio has become well known for its energy drinks, but long-time Cheerio fans are familiar with its various flavors of carbonated beverages, such as "Lifeguard".
Lifeguard" is now a signature product, but it was launched in 1986.
Have you heard of " Sweet Kisses," which has been on the market longer than Lifeguard and has been a pillar of the Cheerios brand?
This year marks the 40th anniversary of "Sweet Kisses," which was first released in 1982, and it has been announced that it will be available in a new chu-hai form!


An "ah, unknown taste" for adults only!

Cheerio's "Sweet Kisses " was launched in 1982.
With the catchphrase "Ah, the unknown taste," it is a carbonated beverage representative of the Showa era.
It is an undeniable favorite in Cheerio vending machines located mainly in Kansai, Chubu, and Okinawa.
The addictive, refreshing flavor and the sweetness of honey are in perfect balance, yet the slightly carbonated, not-too-sweet taste will make you want to drink it again.
It is caffeine-free, so it is safe for children to drink.
Currently available in 500ml PET bottles! It is also available at the official Cheerio online store!

Sweet Kisses Chuhai

Sweet Kisses" is now available as "Sweet Kisses Chuhai "!
Some people may not think of Cheerio as an alcoholic beverage company, but the company has been selling " Lifeguard Vodka " flavored with "Lifeguard" for some time now, and is well versed in alcoholic beverages that take advantage of its strengths.

Sweet Kisses Chuhai

Sweet Kisses Chuhai" has a low alcohol content of 3% to maximize the enjoyment of the addictive "Sweet Kisses" flavor.
A strong alcohol content will inevitably give off an alcoholic taste that clashes with the base flavor, but the 3% alcohol content allows the "Sweet Kisses" flavor to shine through while still being a chu-hi drink in its own right.
It is also recommended for people who are not strong drinkers and prefer a lower alcohol content.

Sweet Kisses Chuhai

The package design is a retro Showa-era design with an 80's atmosphere, using the same neon tube logo design that was popular when the product was first released.
Those of us who drank Sweet Kisses in real time are now grown-ups, so why not relive those days and immerse yourself in the nostalgic atmosphere of the "unknown taste" for adults only?

On sale September 24! Don't drink until you're 20!

Sweet Kisses Chuhai will go on sale sequentially at MaxValu and Marunaka stores in the Chugoku, Shikoku, and Hyogo areas (excluding some stores not participating) from September 24, 2022 (Saturday )!
And it goes without saying, but "Sweet Kisses Chuhai" is an alcoholic beverage!
If you are under 20 years old, you are not allowed to buy it, let alone drink it! You have to be 20 years old to drink!
If you live in the sales area, or if you visit the sales area on business or on vacation, please pick one up for a long autumn night.


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