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Cheerio's "lifeguard" increases the amount for the first time! Famima Limited 700ml special mega bottle "Mega Lifeguard" appeared!


The company has launched a wide variety of products, including not only standard tea, coffee, and soft drinks, but also energy drinks such as "GODZILLA ENERGY" and unique and fun beverages such as "Mega 700 Mystery Flavor. Cheerio Corporation , a.k.a. Cheerio, has released a wide variety of products.
Cheerio has many popular products, but the signature "Cheerio" product is the super-living beverage "Lifeguard.
The only one of its kind, the " camouflage, yet it stands out! " is the only one of its kind. The one-of-a-kind design, familiar from the "camouflage, yet it stands out!" energy drink with seven vitamins, seven amino acids, honey, and royal jelly, has been a favorite for many years.
In May 2022, "Lifeguard ZERO " with "zero sugar" was introduced, and "Lifeguard" is gaining fans among people who are concerned about their health and body shape. But in the hot season, don't you feel that 350ml or 500ml is just not enough?
For those who are greedy, we have decided to release a special mega bottle of "Mega Lifeguard" with the same price and large volume!


The first "Mega Lifeguard" with a larger volume! A full 700 ml!

Mega Lifeguard

The special mega bottle "Mega Lifeguard" is a 40% increase in the capacity of the PET bottle "Lifeguard" from 500ml to 700ml!
This is the first time in the 36-year history of the product that the price has remained the same while the volume has been increased! It is no exaggeration to say that we are witnessing a miraculous moment.
The reason why "Mega Lifeguard" has become so large is because of a campaign that will be held at FamilyMart stores nationwide from August 2, 2022 (Tuesday), entitled "No Change in Price! The reason why the "Lifeguard" is so large is because it will be participating for the first time in a nationwide campaign called " 40% more for the same price!
The campaign is crazy in the best sense of the word, as various popular FamilyMart products such as boxed lunches, side dishes, rice balls, hot snacks, etc. will be increased in quantity by 40% without changing the price. It's camouflage, but it stands out! The "Mega Lifeguard" is going to be as unique as the concept of "camouflage, yet stand out!

Mega Lifeguard

In 2022, summer is in full swing, and it is extremely important to stay hydrated.
Even if you don't, you can't beat the price of 700ml of Lifeguard at the same price, so head to FamilyMart!
Mega Lifeguard" will be available exclusively at FamilyMart on Tuesday, August 2, 2022! It will end as soon as it's gone, so get it as soon as you find it!


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