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Self-Defense Forces × Cheerio Vol.2! "Jungle Man" has been renewed to the Self-Defense Forces camouflage of the Army, Navy, and Air!


Cheerio " is a beverage manufacturer that produces a wide range of products, from standard products to unique products with a bit of an edge to energy drinks.
Among the many products on the market, Cheerio's signature product is "Lifeguard," a super-living beverage.
Lifeguard is a well-known energy drink that has been loved since before the development of energy drinks in Japan, but Cheerio also produces a wide variety of other energy drinks.
Among them, " Jungleman," a survival energy carbonated drink that was introduced in 2004, has been sold mainly through vending machines.
While containing caffeine and arginine, it is more like an energy drink than Lifeguard, it is a popular product that is also health-conscious, containing less calories and coenzyme Q10.
Jungleman" has been available in a variety of package designs, but now it has been redesigned in collaboration with the Japan Self-Defense Forces on land, sea, and air!

【値段そのまま!! 40%増量作戦】ファミマ限定700mlのスペシャルメガボトル「メガライフガード」をレビュー!

A collaborative package with the full cooperation of the Self-Defense Forces!

Jungle Man" Self-Defense Forces collaboration package

This time, "Jungleman" will be collaborating with the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force, the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, and the Japan Air Self-Defense Force!
This is the second collaboration with the Self-Defense Forces, following the " Blue Imp ulse" carbonated water " Blue Impact " currently on sale in cooperation with the Air Self-Defense Force.
With the cooperation of the Japan Self-Defense Forces, Cheerio designed this product with the opinions of the Japan Self-Defense Forces officers. Three camouflage packages were created for the Air, Maritime, and Ground Self-Defense Forces!
Cheerio will support the public relations activities of the Self-Defense Forces, aiming to expand awareness of their activities.
The design concepts for each of the three types have also been released, and we would like to introduce them to you!

Concept of the GSDF package

GSDF Package

The JGSDF camouflage is based on green camouflage.
The front design boldly features the JGSDF logo and equipment, while the back design depicts scenes of various activities on the package along with the JGSDF slogan, "There are people we want to protect.
The official characters "Takuma-kun" and "Yu-chan" introduce the QR code, which allows direct access to the JGSDF's official website from the package.


Maritime Self-Defense Force package concept

Maritime Self Defense Forces Package

The JMSDF camouflage, based on blue digital camouflage, was designed with input from the Self-Defense Forces.
The front side design is inspired by the logo of the Maritime Self-Defense Force, with a three-dimensional cherry blossom and anchor motif.
The reverse side design features a rope connecting 10 different types of naval vessels among the main equipment, with the 70th anniversary logo of the Maritime Self-Defense Force as a "blessing" to the design.
The QR code on the back of the package provides direct access to "Ship Tube," the official YouTube channel for the lives of JMSDF officers.


Air Self-Defense Force package concept

Air Self-Defense Force Package

The front design is based on the image of "wings defending Japan", which was created in response to the opinions of the Self-Defense Forces personnel.
The design on the back is based on the motif of the Air Self-Defense Force's mainstay aircraft, the F-35, F-15, and F-2.
The QR code on the back of the package provides access to the Air Self-Defense Force's Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.
The package will bring you directly into the world of the Air Self-Defense Force through your smart phone.


The "Jungle Man" is not only a cool design, but also a QR code that can be used to access the YouTube channel, the official website, and various SNS sites.
We hope that by purchasing "Jungle Man", you will be able to help the Self-Defense Forces in their daily efforts to serve Japan!

On sale from September 1!

Jungle Man" Self-Defense Forces collaboration package

The "Jungleman" with the SDF collaboration package is scheduled to be released on Monday, October 17, 2022! The manufacturer's suggested retail price is 160 yen (excluding tax).
Although it will not be available at mass retailers nationwide until October, it will be available at Cheerio vending machines in Chubu, Kansai, and Okinawa, at the official Cheerio online store, and at the " Lifeguard Square - Super Life Form Plaza The pre-sale is now available at "Lifeguard Square - Super Life Form Plaza " in Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo!
Lifeguard Square is a great place to take a breather when you are out and about in Harajuku or Omotesando, so be sure to stop by and get your "Jungle Man"! Please stop by and get a "Jungle Man"!

The official Cheerio online store will be selling 24 bottles per case, but inside the case will be a mix of three different packages, so you can get all three designs!
Cheerio freaks who can't wait for the general release should consider purchasing from the online store!
For more information on the product, please visit the official Cheerio website!


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