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In the cold season, the enadori is also hot! New Winter Emperor Cheerio "HOT Energy Warm" release decision!


It is now October, and it feels like we are entering the final stages of the year 2021 at an early date.
Even at this point, the mornings and evenings are getting cooler and cooler, and we are entering a period where the mornings and evenings will be cooler.
In such mornings, we tend to reach for warm canned coffee, cocoa, or tea, don't we? This is the kind of warmth that you can buy with a 100-yen coin.
On the other hand, most of the energy drinks we drink when we want to get energy are cold carbonated beverages, which makes it difficult to reach for them on cold mornings.
To overcome this situation, Cheerio has launched a product that provides both energy and warmth in cold weather!
HOT Energy Warm", an energy drink exclusively for "HOT", is now on sale!

The new king of winter, "HOT Energy Warm" is coming!


HOT ENERGY WARM" is a "HOT ONLY" energy drink produced by Cheerio Japan, a well-known Lifeguard company.
Cheerio has produced energy drinks such as "BODYGUARD" and "GODZILLA ENERGY", so it is safe to say that the quality of their energy drinks is second to none!
HOT ENERGY WARM" is a beverage that aims to change the negative feelings of winter, such as "cold," "sleepy," and "not wanting to move," into a positive one through beverages. The new winter king of the beverage world.
The drink is a non-carbonated, "hot-only" beverage that contains ginger extract in addition to arginine and caffeine, which are energy-enhancing amino acids. It is a new energy drink with a tangy, addictive taste that will help you get rid of both drowsiness and cold.


The package design features the word " warm" in large letters and an illustration of a blazing fire, expressing that drinking HOT ENERGY WARM will warm you from the inside out.
The black base gives it a cool and stylish impression without being too flashy, so it is sure to catch the eye at the vending machine!
HOT Energy Warm will go on sale on Monday, October 11, 2021, at an open price. It will be sold in vending machines in the Chubu and Kansai areas!
It will be available at Cheerio's official online store from mid-October, so those who are not in the Chubu/Kansai area will have to wait for its release there!
Cheerio 's official Twitter account(@cheeriojp ) is currently running a campaign in which 15 people will win a set of two "HOT Energy Warm" to celebrate the launch of "HOT Energy Warm"!
To participate, simply follow the official Cheerio Twitter account (@cheeriojp) and retweet the campaign tweets!
This is a chance to be the first to get "HOT ENERGY WARM" outside of the Chubu and Kansai areas, so please participate! The application period is until 23:59 on October 12, 2021 (Tuesday )!
Let's get through the winter of 2021 and 2022 with "HOT ENERGY WARM", which will give you warmth and energy in the cold winter !


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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