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The enadori "BODYGUARD" for the lifeguard's brother will be released nationwide!


Cheerio Corporation is a long-established beverage manufacturer, well-known for its company name " Cheerio " and its super-living beverage " Lifeguard.
Lifeguard" is especially popular among kids because of its eye-catching label design. It tastes like something you would want to drink on the way home from club activities.
Cheerio also sells energy drinks in this age of energy drink wars, and funglr games has previously introduced " Lifeguard X ".
However, "Lifeguard X" is an energy drink version of "Lifeguard", and it is hard to say that it is a genuine energy drink. However, did you know that " BODYGUARD ", a genuine energy drink, was sold in some areas of Saitama and Chiba as a sibling of Lifeguard?
It has been difficult to purchase, but now it has been decided that it will be available nationwide!

The energy drink flavor that will give you a kick!


BODYGUARD" is a renewal of the original "BODYGUARD" released in 1987, and it has been reborn as an energy drink.
BODYGUARD", with its gut-punching energy drink flavor, is perfect for when you want to get pumped up for work or study!
Each bottle contains 150mg of caffeine and 800mg of arginine.
The contents of the large 500ml bottle are 150mg of caffeine and 800mg of arginine per bottle, which is 30mg of caffeine and 160mg of arginine per 100ml bottle.


As a sibling of Lifeguard, the camouflage design of Lifeguard stands out.
The cool design features a black camouflage background with a blue flame, and the liquid color is blue, reminiscent of the blue flame in the design.

Available at Seven-Eleven stores nationwide!

BODYGUARD" will be available at all 7-Eleven stores nationwide ( excluding some stores) from June 29, 2021 (Tuesday ).
The price is open pricing, but since it is an energy drink, it is expected to cost around 200 yen.
There are many energy drinks, but this energy drink from Cheerio, a long-established manufacturer, is sure to be a big hit!
The long-awaited nationwide release of the energy drink will be available on June 29, so be sure to dash out to your nearest 7-Eleven.
For product details, please check the "BODYGUARD" product page on the official Cheerio website!


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We are confident in our affordable price! Review the Enadori "Lifeguard X" that ...

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