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Rockman series & strike II series recording! Capcom's new game console "RETRO STATION" official announcement and reservation start!

ロックマンシリーズ&ストIIシリーズ収録!カプコンの新ゲーム機「RETRO STATION」正式発表&予約開始!

Since the " NINTENDO CLASSIC MINI Famicom" ( NES ) was released in November 2016, many manufacturers have been releasing smaller versions of their classic game consoles with multiple games.
The affordable price range and the exquisite selection of game titles included in the game collection make it a great item to purchase, and combined with the memories of playing the games in real time, it is a very satisfying experience that is more than worth the price.

Many of them are designed to be connected to a TV or monitor, but some, such as the " NEOGEO mini " and the " Astro City Mini, " which was just released on December 17, 2020, are based on a game arcade cabinet and feature a controller and a display. Some of them are equipped with a controller and a diplay and can be played by themselves by supplying power.

Now, Capcom is introducing a new product in this category.
Capcom has announced the "RETRO STATION," a new console that will include the "Mega Man" and "Street Fighter II" series.

The official announcement of "RETRO STATION" is now in full swing!


When I saw "RETRO STATION ", I thought, " Hey, where have I seen this before? Where have I seen this before? ", but that's as it should be.
This is the product that a certain e-commerce site had previously mistakenly published a product page, and the information was spread.
I'm sure everyone was wondering if it was going to be released, but this is finally the official announcement! I'm glad it was announced properly!
Let us introduce you to the product!

A game console with an 8-inch display


RETRO STATION" is a game console with a display, controller, and speakers.
With a customized joystick and Capcom's signature six buttons, a 4:3 8-inch LCD display with 1024 x 768 resolution, andtwo 10-watt bass speakers, you can play recorded games anytime, anywhere with a beautiful screen and powerful sound, simply by supplying power. You can play recorded games with a beautiful screen and powerful sound anytime, anywhere by simply supplying power.
The monitor's CRT TV-like design, blue base and yellow coloring, and overall rounded shape look vaguely familiar, don't they?
As you may have guessed, the "RETRO STATION" is inspired by the Mega Man design!
It is an excellent design and would look great as an interior decoration.
RETRO STATION" is designed and manufactured by TRON under license from Capcom. Ltd. will be responsible for sales.

Mega Man & Strike II included!

The most important part of this type of game console is the game titles it contains.
Most of the mini-game consoles that have been released so far contain a large number of game titles, but to be honest, there are many titles that you don't play, aren't there?
In that respect, "RETRO STATION" has 10 titles! And they are carefully selected from the "Mega Man" series and the "Street Fighter II" series, both of which are representative of Capcom!

RETRO STATION Game Titles Included

From the Mega Man series

  • Mega Man: The Power Battle
  • Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters
  • Mega Man Soccer
  • Mega Man X
  • Mega Man & Bass

From the "Street Fighter II" series

  • Street Fighter II
  • Street Fighter II':Champion Edition
  • Super Street Fighter II
  • Super Street Fighter II Turbo
  • Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo

The collection includes 5 titles each, for a total of 10 titles.
The collection includes the arcade fighting games " Mega Man The Power Battle " and " Mega Man 2 The Power Fighters," as well as the puzzle game " Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo," which is not a fighting game, but a puzzle game. The inclusion of "Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo," which is not a gaming game but a puzzle game, shows that the game is not limited to side-scrolling action games or gaming games.

You can even play wirelessly!

One of the best parts of gaming is the battle.
The "RETRO STATION" has an external controller, the " RETRO STATION FIGHTSTICK," which is sold separately as an accessory.


You can connect it to the "RETRO STATION" and play with two players, but the screen is small, so you will need to output the video and audio from the HDMI port on the "RETRO STATION" to a TV or monitor to enjoy the game on a large screen. This is the same as conventional mini-game consoles, isn't it?
RETRO STATION" has another unique way to play games.
Connect the " RETRO STATION PVP DONGLE ", an accessory sold separately, to the USB port on the console.


Then the "RETRO STATION" can be connected to each other wirelessly!
If two "RETRO STATIONs" play against each other, it will be like a small arcade!

Wireless Connection

Reservations will be accepted on December 25th!

RETRO STATION" is scheduled to be released in March 2021 at a price of 21,780 yen (tax included).
The "RETRO STATION FIGHTSTICK" accessory will cost 6,908 yen (including tax), and the "RETRO STATION PVP DONGLE" will cost 3,938 yen (including tax), also due out in March 2021.
Pre-orders will be accepted from December 25, 2020 (Friday), and can be placed through Amazon and the RETRO STATION OFFICIAL SHOP.
The "RETRO STATION" will be the center of attention for its titles, design, and wireless connectivity, all of which set it apart from other mini-game consoles.
Previous mini-game consoles have tended to be in short supply immediately after their release, so if you want to be sure of getting one, be sure to make a reservation!
For more details, please check the official "RETRO STATION" website!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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