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Captore" and VTuber "Ayame Hyakki" from Hololive collaborate! Newly illustrated prizes are now available!


Capcom Net Catcher Captore " operated by Capcom Co., Ltd. will collaborate with " Ayame Hyakki ", a VTuber from the female VTuber group "hololive"!
Illustrations by illustrators Kei Mochizuki and Misore Saba will appear as prize items.
The prizes will be available from 21:00 on November 4, 2022 (Friday).

What is "Capcom Net Catcher Captore"?

カプコンネットキャッチャー カプとれ PR TIMES

Capcom's "Capcom Net Catcher Caputore" service allows you to play real crane games 24 hours a day via the Internet from your smartphone or PC.
The prizes you win will be delivered directly to you, so you can enjoy crane games with ease.
Original prizes for popular games unique to Capcom will be available one after another!
For more information about "Capcom Net Catcher Caputore", please visit the official website.

カプとれ会員登録 PR TIMES

What is "Hyakki Ayame"?

百鬼あやめ PR TIMES

"Humans, you are such a cutie! Yoo-hoo~! "

She is a Japanese-style demon girl who belongs to the Demon World School.
She is mischievous and often makes fun of others by sending demon fire.
Although she looks like this, she is actually the student body president.


Ayame Hyakki (@nakiriayame) is a popular VTuber with 1.33 million subscribers on her YouTube channel "hololive".
Please check out her YouTube channel " Nakiri Ayame Ch. Momoki Ayame "!

Collaboration illustration by Kei Mochizuki!

描きおろしコラボイラスト PR TIMES

Two illustrations by Kei Mochizuki (@key_999) and Mizore Saba (@sabaaa_m ) have been released.
The prizes that will appear in this issue will be created based on these illustrations.

"カプとれ"×hololive所属VTuber"百鬼あやめ" PR TIMES

Capture x hololive "Ayame Hyakki" collaboration period

The collaboration period between Capture and Ayame Hyakki is from November 4, 2022 (Fri.) at 21:00 to November 17, 2022 (Thu.) at 23:59.
Shipping and delivery of this prize won will be sequentially scheduled for mid-February 2023.

Capture x hololive "Hyakki Ayame" Collaboration Prize Giveaways Details

The prize items that will appear in this collaboration are "acrylic stand key holder (2 kinds)", "mouse pad (2 kinds)", "tapestry (2 kinds)", and "cushion (2 kinds)", a total of 4 There are 8 types of items in total.
The starting dates of the giveaways differ depending on the prizes, so be sure to take note of them!

Schedule for the start of the giveaways

November 4, 2022 (Fri.) 21:00 - Acrylic stand key holder (total 2 kinds)
November 5, 2022 (Saturday) 18:00 - Additional mouse pads (total 2 kinds)
November 6 (Sun), 2022 from 18:00 Tapestry (total 2 kinds) additionally available
November 7, 2022 (Monday) 18:00 - Additional cushions (total 2 types) will be available

Collaboration prize giveaways

Capture x hololive "Hyakki Ayame" acrylic stand key holder (total 2 kinds)

カプとれ×hololive"百鬼あやめ"アクリルスタンドキーホルダー(全2種) PR TIMES
  • Size: (Illustration by Kei Mochizuki: approx. 8.2cm (W) x 13cm (H) / Illustration by Misore Saba: approx. 6.5cm (W) x 10.2cm (H))

Captore x hololive "Hyakki Ayame" mouse pad (total 2 kinds)

カプとれ×hololive"百鬼あやめ"マウスパッド (全2種) PR TIMES
  • Size: approx. 24 cm (length) X 20 cm (width)

Capture x hololive "Hyakki Ayame" tapestry (total 2 kinds)

カプとれ×hololive"百鬼あやめ"タペストリー(全2種) PR TIMES
  • Size: 72.8 cm (H) x 51.5 cm (W) (B2 size)

Capture x hololive "Ayame Hyakki" cushion (total 2 kinds)

 カプとれ×hololive"百鬼あやめ"クッション (全2種)PR TIMES
  • Size: 43 cm (length) X 43 cm (width)

All of these items are very cute.
Caputore" allows you to enjoy the crane game 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere, so it is perfect for your spare time!
For more details about the Caputore x hololive "Hyakki Ayame" collaboration, please visit the official Caputore website.


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

hololive VTuber in a cake can?! hololive ×Cake.jp decided to collaborate!
hololive VTuber in a cake can?! hololive ×Cake.jp decided to collaborate!...

The VTuber office "hololive production", which includes Sora Tokino and Korone Inugami, and the mail order site "Cake.jp", which specializes

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