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Brain SPORTS DRINK "e3" to × Collaboration design appearance of Goki!

BRAIN SPORTS DRINK「e3」にときど × 豪鬼のコラボデザイン登場!

Energy drinks are inseparable from e-sports.
Otsuka Foods' BRAIN SPORTS DRINK "e3" stands out from the many energy drinks on the market.
With top e-sports player Tokido as its image character, this energy drink specializes in the direction of "using your brain.
It has been on sale nationwide since April 20, 2020, and many people have already become indispensable to the drink.
The editorial department of funglr Games, which loves energy drinks, experienced the effects of "e3" the other day, so we will talk about that later.
e3" has announced a collaboration design with Tokido, who is the image character of e3, and his trademark character " Gouki " from " Street Fighter V"! Tokido, the world champion "Tokido", and his trademark character "Goki" from Street Fighter V.

ときど選手がイメージキャラクターのBRAIN SPORTS DRINK「e3」が全国発売決定!

Tokido and Gouki, the world champions!

Speaking of Tokido's "Gouki", you all know that he won the " EVO 2017 ".
This combination reigned supreme in the Street Fighter V division, in which more than 2,000 players participated.
The world's best player was the clever Tokido, who took on the extremely powerful Gouki, which has a very high firepower, but also a peaky performance with low health.
This time, the "e3" collaboration design can will be on sale, featuring the design of the "Strongest Brain " and the "Strongest Fist ".

"ときど × 豪鬼"コラボデザイン
Tokido x Gouki collaboration design

Not only the collaboration cans, but also the cases and cluster packs are designed in collaboration, so those who buy the boxes will also get the collaboration-designed cardboard boxes. You won't be able to throw this away!


The "Tokido x Gouki" collaboration design BRAIN SPORTS DRINK "e3" will be available from late June 2020!
Collaboration cans are sometimes over before you know it, so if you find one, get it right away!

Nationwide sequential switchover in progress

A special website featuring a dialogue between the two companies is now open to the public!

A special website has been opened to coincide with the appearance of the "Tokido x Gouki" collaboration cans from BRAIN SPORTS DRINK "e3"!
As e-sports fans may already know, the site introduces what kind of character Gouki is, and also features the first interview between Tokido and CAPCOM's e-sports producer, Tomoaki Ayano!
The first interview features Tokido talking with CAPCOM e-sports producer Tomoaki Ayano about Gouki, so be sure to check it out!
The second and third parts of the interview will be published in the future. I can't wait to read it!

Campaign to win a case of "e3"!

#e3 Shun Goku Campaign

The " #e3 Shun Goku Campaign " was held to commemorate the appearance of the "Tokido x Gouki" collaboration can in the BRAIN SPORTS DRINK "e3"!
A case of BRAIN SPORTS DRINK "e3" with the collaboration design of "Tokido x Gouki" will be given away to 30 people by lottery!
All you have to do is tweet about how you want to drink "e3" with the hashtag " #e3 Shun Goku " on Twitter!
I see... So "e3" is "Shunggoku"....
Maybe the official Twitter (@bsd_e3 ) of BRAIN SPORTS DRINK "e3" will retweet your tweet, so keep posting!
The campaign period is from June 19, 2020 (Fri) 14:00 to June 28, 2020 (Sun) 23:59!

Use your brain more" with the collaboration can. "

When you are fully engaged in e-sports and other activities, you need the right nutrition to keep your brain working at full capacity.
BRAIN SPORTS DRINK "e3" is the perfect drink for e-sports, where intense brain games take place, as well as for studying, working, and playing!
Let's train with "e3 x you" to beat the best "Tokido x Gouki" combination!
For more information about BRAIN SPORTS DRINK "e3", please check the official website!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

Otsuka Foods Announces E3 Energy Drink for Esports at TGS 2019! Released September 30! The image character is Tokido player!
Otsuka Foods Announces E3 Energy Drink for Esports at TGS 2019! Released September 30! The...

The drink by which a new product of Otsuka food is for e sports "e3" was released at the "CAPCOM eSports business strategy announcement stage&quo

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