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The jelly drink "AMINO BRAIN" to give to you who wants to win is released in advance from today!

勝ちたいあなたに贈るゼリー飲料「AMINO BRAIN」が本日より先行発売!

Oyazuka Company, Inc. will release a pouch-type jelly drink " AMINO BRAIN " on Amazon from July 7, 2020 (Tuesday ).
AMINO BRAIN" is a jelly drink that easily supplies " Amino HB," Ajinomoto's proprietary ingredient mixing essential amino acid "histidine" and "vitamin B6.
Amino HB" is a jelly drink that can be easily consumed when you want to achieve your best performance. The product was developed to be an easy and tasty nutritional supplement for those times when you want to achieve your best performance.

Jelly drink "AMINO BRAIN

AMINO BRAIN" jelly drink supervised by a professional e-sports team

The jelly drink "AMINO BRAIN" is the first product to be released under the new " BODY STAR " brand from Oyazuka Company, Inc. for people who are conscious of building a better body.
In order to achieve the best performance at all times, the product can be taken before or during a game, or at any other time when you need to "get in shape! The product was created through open innovation between Oyashiro Company and Ajinomoto as a " product that provides nutrition in a convenient and tasty way" before and during games to help people achieve peak performance at all times.
The product was developed with input from the players of the Nagoya OJA Baby Stars, a professional e-sports team supported by Oyazuka Company.

AMINO BRAIN" will help you "want to win"!

ゼリー飲料"AMINO BRAIN"の特徴
Characteristics of "AMINO BRAIN" jelly drink

Contains 2,000 mg of "Amino HB," a proprietary material developed by Ajinomoto that combines the essential amino acid "histidine" and vitamin B6.
Both ingredients are effective in brain function, synthesizing histamine in the brain, which decreases due to lack of sleep and stress, alleviating fatigue, and supporting memory and judgment.
In addition, two types of carbohydrates, sucrose and multi-dextrin, which are absorbed at different speeds, are blended to create a caffeine-free jelly beverage.
AMINO BRAIN" can be consumed anywhere, even with one hand. It is a jelly beverage that supports not only e-sports players who compete in head-to-head competitions, but also business people who struggle daily with desk work before meetings or presentations, students before tests, and anyone else who wants to "win" every day. This is a jelly beverage to support you in your daily life.
AMINO BRAIN" can be purchased on Amazon for as little as six 180g jellies, which can be used in a variety of situations to easily replenish nutrients.
If you are interested in this product, why don't you pick one up?
For detailed product information, please visit the "AMINO BRAIN " brand page.


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