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Long arm microphone stand that can be aimed from a position that does not get in the way! Pole mount stand "Microphone" appeared from Bauhutte!


With the increase in time spent at home over the past few years, many people have more time available for hobbies at home, or have started new ones.
Among them, there may be some people who have ventured into live game streaming, which used to be something they did as a viewer.
Have you ever felt that it is difficult to adjust not only the camera image but also the audio when distributing on a platform, unlike the usual voice chat in multiplayer games?
It is not always easy to arrange the microphone on the headset, but it is sometimes difficult to prepare a dedicated microphone for audio, or to prepare a mixer for adjustment.
Especially since microphones can pick up sounds other than voice, such as keyboard or controller keystrokes, it is important to place them in the right position, but without space, it is difficult to do so.
Then, don't you think it would be a solution if you could extend the stand for the microphone from an unobstructed location?
Bauhutte, the company that can satisfy the gamer's itch, has released a pole-mounted microphone stand with a long arm that can be extended from behind the monitor!

まさに堕落の極み!夢の「寝ながらゲーム」を実現するBauhutte ポールマウントスタンド「タブレット」発売!

Microphone arm that takes up less space & can be aimed at the right position

Bauhutte's Pole Mount Stand "Microphone" is a microphone arm with a long, articulated arm that can be easily maneuvered.
As you may have noticed from the name "Pole Mount Stand," it can be clamped to a round pipe as well as a desk top, just like the previously introduced "Tablet" Pole Mount Stand, making it a stand that can be placed anywhere. It can be clamped to a round pipe as well as a desk top, so it can be installed anywhere.

Bauhutte ポールマウントスタンド"マイク"製品ページ

The most significant feature of this stand is that it has a long arm that can be placed at the mouth of the monitor, even if it is placed on the top panel at the back of the monitor.
A stand that is placed on a tabletop tends to take up tabletop space and limit the distance between the stand and the mouth.
The pole-mounted "microphone" eliminates both of these problems. Furthermore, by not placing the microphone on the desk, the distance between the microphone and your hand is increased, making it difficult to pick up keystrokes and vibrations from the keyboard or arcade controller.

Bauhutte ポールマウントスタンド"マイク"製品ページ

The "long arm" is long enough to extend up to 81 cm. With such a length, there is plenty of room for most environments.
The microphone can be positioned in the right place without any problem, even in slightly tricky locations, thanks to the use of three ball joints that move freely through 360° and one geared joint with high fixing force.
The arm is non-spring-loaded, so there is no need to worry about generating noise due to resonance.

Bauhutte ポールマウントスタンド"マイク"製品ページ

Since a bolt with a knob is used to secure all the joints, there is no need to worry about the arm lowering under the weight of the microphone.

Bauhutte  ポールマウントスタンド"マイク"
Bauhutte pole-mounted stand "Microphone".
Bauhutte ポールマウントスタンド"マイク"製品ページ

The direction of the bolt at the tip where the microphone is attached is adjustable.
The knob can be moved to a position where it does not interfere with the connector, so there is no need to say that the microphone cannot be installed because the knob is in the way.

Bauhutte  ポールマウントスタンド"マイク"
Bauhutte pole-mounted stand "Microphone".
Bauhutte ポールマウントスタンド"マイク"製品ページ

A conversion adapter is included to accommodate two types of screw diameters: 3/8 and 5/8 inches. Various microphones weighing up to approx. 1.5 kg or less can be used.

Bauhutte  ポールマウントスタンド"マイク"
Bauhutte pole-mounted stand "Microphone".
Bauhutte ポールマウントスタンド"マイク"製品ページ

A cable clip is included, which is quite convenient for organizing wires.
Microphone cables are quite difficult to deal with when aiming from above, but the cable clip makes it easy.

Bauhutte  ポールマウントスタンド"マイク"
Bauhutte pole-mounted stand "Microphone".
Bauhutte ポールマウントスタンド"マイク"製品ページ

The clamp is compatible with desk thicknesses from 10 to 40 mm and pole diameters from Φ10 to 32 mm.
Although we believe that the poles of common desk tops and racks are within these sizes, please measure the size of your planned installation just to be sure before purchasing.

Bauhutte  ポールマウントスタンド"マイク"
Bauhutte pole-mounted stand "Microphone".
Bauhutte ポールマウントスタンド"マイク"製品ページ

Release Date and Price

Bauhutte's pole-mounted stand "Mike" is available now for 9,400 yen (tax included).
It can be purchased from the Bauhutte store on Amazon.co.jp.
The funglr Games editorial office has its own distribution facility, and we sometimes distribute our games, but the most difficult part is adjusting the audio.
The balance between game sound and voice, noise reduction, etc. need to be adjusted each time depending on the number of people in the audience and the situation, but the basic premise is to set up the microphone in the right position.
With Bauhutte's pole-mount stand, which can be freely adjusted to bring the microphone to the appropriate position, you can set up a condenser or dynamic microphone where it can pick up the best sound!
If you are having trouble with the audio quality of your delivery, please consider installing a Bauhutte pole-mount stand as it may provide a solution!
For more details, please check the Pole Mount Stand "Microphone" product page!

Bauhutte  ポールマウントスタンド"マイク"寸法図
Bauhutte Pole Mount Stand "Microphone" Dimensions
Bauhutte ポールマウントスタンド"マイク"製品ページ
Color Black
Dimensions Refer to the dimensional drawing
Weight 0.9kg
Structural member Main body: Aluminum and steel
Surface finish Electrodeposition coating
Load capacity 1.5kg or less
Clamp Size Board thickness: 10~40mm
Pole: Φ10~32mm


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