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Bauhutte launches a crowdfunding project for a "domestic gaming chair"!


Bauhutte " is a Japanese gaming furniture manufacturer with the slogan, "The secret desk base project.
Bauhutte offers gaming desks, gaming chairs, and a variety of other furniture products that can satisfy your every itch, and many of you may be familiar with their products.
Bauhutte has been announcing a domestic gaming chair project for some time, and now the full details have been revealed.
Here is an overview of the project and product, which began on the crowdfunding service "Makuake" on November 15, 2022 (Tuesday).


Japanese-made gaming chair designed for high quality and comfort!

国産ゲーミングチェアPR TIMES

Crowdfunding for a "domestically produced gaming chair" produced by Bauhutte has started.
This product is manufactured by Marubishi Industries, a long-established car seat manufacturer headquartered in Aichi Prefecture, the sacred land of Japan's world-class automobile industry.
The car seat manufacturing technology that has been cultivated over many years is reflected in the gaming chair, a premium chair that is thoroughly pursued for its high quality, beautiful visuals, and above all, comfortable seating.

Ergonomically designed to support long hours at the desk.

人体工学に基づいた設計PR TIMES

Based on the vast amount of research data accumulated over the past half century, we have adopted a unique seat shape that fits the curves and load balance of the human body.
This enables a more natural and relaxed seating position, and supports long hours at the desk for gaming or teleworking.

カーシート形状をチェアに反映PR TIMES

The cushion is made of molded urethane cushioning that is resistant to molding and has excellent pressure dispersion properties, and it also supports the back, hips, and back of the legs with moderate resilience to prevent postural disorders.

Highly durable Japanese PU leather is used.

座部には国産PUレザーを採用PR TIMES

The upholstery is made of high-grade Japanese PU leather, which is also used in actual car seats.
It is resistant to heat, sunlight, and friction caused by vibration, and has passed rigorous durability tests designed for use in automobiles.

チェアの内側には国産レザーを採用PR TIMES

The inside of the chair, which is in contact with the user's body, is covered with Japanese leather with a texture similar to genuine leather, providing a moist and smooth feel to the skin.

High quality and durability on the same level as domestic car seats

職人による丁寧なチェックPR TIMES

After manufacturing, each leg is carefully checked and finished by hand by selected craftsmen who have passed strict in-house tests.
Carefully crafted down to the smallest detail, our gaming chairs are not only high quality, but also durable.


In addition to normal durability testing, the chairs will be tested at a high-load level, and will be delivered in a condition that meets the high-level inspection items of domestic car seat standards, which are not tested in general gaming chair manufacturing.

The project runs through Tuesday, January 17, 2023!


The "Domestic Gaming Chair" project produced by Bauhutte will run from Tuesday, November 15, 2022 to Tuesday, January 17, 2023, and will end when the goal is reached. This is a chance to get a "Japanese-made gaming chair" at a lower price than usual, depending on the support purchase plan, so why don't you support the project and get a "Japanese-made gaming chair" at a discount?

There are many more features that have not been introduced yet, such as 4D armrests, 150-degree reclining function, removable seat cushion, etc. Please check the Makuake project page for more details.


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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