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Added to your desk! Convenient storage! Bauhutte "HEADSET TOWER" appeared!

デスクに増設!便利に収納!Bauhutte「HEADSET TOWER」登場!

Headsets and headphones are essential devices for playing games online with friends or enjoying powerful sound alone.
Overhead-type headsets are preferred for sound quality and convenience, but the better the sound quality, the larger the ear cups tend to be, and there is a limit to how compact they can be when folded.
However, the better the sound quality, the larger the ear cups tend to be, and there is a limit to how compact they can be when folded up.
There are headphone stands from various manufacturers that can be placed on a desk or on a tabletop, but they are usually for a single headphone, and if more than one headphone is installed, it will become a nuisance.
Bauhutte " is a well-known manufacturer that solves such problems.
Bauhutte has released a variety of gaming furniture that is convenient for storage, and now they have released the " HEADSET TOWER," which is just what you need to get the job done!

カッコいいんだから魅せつけちゃおう!ディスプレイしつつ収納できるBauhutte「GAMING DISPLAY STAND」登場!

Add it to your desk! A stand that can hold multiple items!

Bauhutte's "HEADSET TOWER" is a stand that can be placed on a desk top and can hold two headsets and two controllers.
Since headsets and controllers are frequently used and many people own more than one device, it is very helpful to be able to store them all in one place where they are easily accessible and stylish.

Bauhutte"HEADSET TOWER"製品ページ

While most headphone stands have a fixed shape, the "HEADSET TOWER" can be shaped to suit the installation environment and personal preferences.
Once the clamp-fixed base is in place, you can customize it with a three-part pole, two headset hangers, two controller baskets, and a luggage hook in any combination, in any location, and in any orientation.

Bauhutte"HEADSET TOWER"製品ページ

For example, if all the poles are placed above the desk, you can easily reach out and grab them, and if all the poles are placed below the desk, you can use a wider area on the desk and have a clearer view.
You can also place only 1/3 of the poles down, or change the direction of the hangers and baskets, and the possibilities for installation are endless.

Bauhutte"HEADSET TOWER"製品ページ

The controller basket is equipped with a cable hook on which you can hook and place cables, allowing you to recharge them when you are done playing and store the controller in the basket.
This kind of unassuming feature is typical of Bauhutte.

Bauhutte"HEADSET TOWER"製品ページ

The headset hanger, controller basket, and luggage hook are named after the headset hanger, controller basket, and luggage hook, but the simple construction allows them to be used for other purposes as well.
The controller basket can be used as a smartphone stand or to hold small items, and the luggage hook is useful not only for hanging luggage, but also for cabling a wired headset that is not in use.
Don't get caught up in stereotypes, just find the way you find most convenient!

Bauhutte"HEADSET TOWER"製品ページ

Convenient for people with multiple environments!

Bauhutte "HEADSET TOWER" is currently on sale for 9,800 yen (tax included).
It can be purchased from the Bauhutte store on Amazon.co.jp.
Few people have multiple game consoles or PCs connected to a single monitor for each game title, and the number of controllers grows to match the number of game titles.
The headset you use will vary depending on whether you use your PC, console, or smartphone for boiting, and the HEADSET TOWER is the perfect item for those who own multiple platforms.
The more you play games every day, the easier it will be to set up and clean up each time!
The "HEADSET TOWER" is the perfect solution to keep things neat and convenient!
For more details, please check the HEADSET TOWER product page!

Bauhutte"HEADSET TOWER"サイズ
Bauhutte "HEADSET TOWER" size
Bauhutte"HEADSET TOWER"製品ページ
Color Black
Dimensions Approx. 20 cm (width) X 23 cm (depth) X 61 cm (height)
Surface finish Epoxy powder coating
Load capacity Controller basket: 1.5kg
Headset hanger: 1.5 kg
Luggage hook: 3kg
Material Steel


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