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Launch of PET bottle "stock faction" exclusive rack! Up to 30 2L PET bottles in a 20cm gap


Have you ever bought a lot of PET bottled beverages by the box but found them bulky, or felt that stacking cardboard boxes on top of each other looks bad and is in the way?
If so, we have good news for you! The gaming furniture brand " Bauhutte " has announced the release of the "Large Type (BHS-200 )" of the "Slim Bottle Rack" for boxed beverage storage in June 2022!

Holds up to 30 2L PET bottles

The long-selling "Standard Type" released in 2018 can hold 48 500ml bottles, but the "Large Type" to be released this time is designed for 2L PET bottles, which have been requested for a long time.
It can hold up to 30 PET bottles all at once in a 20cm-wide space!
We often buy 2L PET bottles for drinking at home or for stocking up, and it is very helpful to be able to store up to 30 2L PET bottles in a gap of 20cm.


It fits perfectly in the crevices of a room or in the kitchen! The casters make it easy to pull out.


The open rack structure makes it easy to take out PET bottles, and it is sure to be a very useful item not only in emergencies, but also in everyday life!

Attention to detail! Product Features



  • Designed exclusively for bottle storage
    Designed to fit the standard dimensions of PET bottles, two rows of bottles can be stored side by side on a single shelf!
  • Fine mesh shelves

    Stable loading even for carbonated beverages with large uneven bottle bottoms! Dust is also prevented from accumulating.
  • Adjustable shelf height

    Set the shelf position at a 2.5cm pitch to match the height at which PET bottles can be easily removed.
  • Recommended for emergency stocking

    With cardboard storage, it is difficult to know how many PET bottles are left...
    With Slim Bottle Rack, you can see the number of bottles left at a glance, making inventory management a snap!
  • Fixed casters

    Fixed casters specialized for straight forward and backward movement are used!
    Smooth and stable pull-out, despite concerns about heavier pull-outs due to weight!

Release date and price


Bauhutte "Slim Bottle Rack" is currently on sale at a reference price of 15,750 yen (including tax) for the large type and13,580 yen (including tax ) for the standard type!
They are available for purchase from Amazon's Bauhutte store.
The "Slim Bottle Rack" is a smart solution to the problems of stockists.
Why don't you consider purchasing it?
For more information about the Slim Bottle Rack, please visit the official website.

Slim Bottle Rack" Product Outline

Slim Bottle Rack Large Type BHS-200 Outline
Size Width 20 x Depth 56 x Height 112.3 cm
Storage capacity Up to 30 2L PET bottles
Price Open price (Reference: 15,750 yen including tax)
Slim Bottle Rack, Standard Type BHS-150 Outline
Size Width 15 x Depth 46 x Height 112.3 cm
Storage capacity Up to 48 500ml PET bottles
Price Open price (Reference: 13,580 yen including tax)


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