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So-and-so! This is it! "Energy Wagon BHS-430EW", a wagon and side table with excellent storage capacity, is released from Bauhutte!

これこれ!こういうの!Bauhutteから収納力抜群のワゴン兼サイドテーブル「エナジーワゴン BHS-430EW」が発売!

Bauhutte, the company that has been releasing products that satisfy gamers' itch, has released another good product!
The "Energy Wagon BHS-430EW" (hereafter referred to as "Energy Wagon") is a side table that is unexpectedly useful, but the best one is hard to find!
As usual, Bauhutte has a nice eye for detail!

バウヒュッテから可変フレームの「ゲーミングメガネ BGG-01-BK」が発売!

Wagon with excellent storage capacity

To be frank, a small stand is fine if you just want to put drinks and such on it. But when Bauhutte makes it, the quality goes one step further!
The Energy Wagon's storage capacity is far greater than those side tables, as it is based on the concept "You can't play the game if you're hungry.

Slide basket
"エナジーワゴン BHS-430EW"製品ページ

It is equipped with a 25cm x 32cm sliding basket in the middle section, which can be used to stock a large amount of food. The load capacity is 6 kg.

Lower shelf
"エナジーワゴン BHS-430EW"製品ページ

In addition, there is a 26cm x 38cm storage space on the lower level, which can easily fit a box of energy dring from a certain company. The load capacity is 12 kg.
With an energy wagon with this much storage space by your side, you will be well nourished no matter how long you play!
Of course, you can store more than just food!

It's easy to use!

No matter how many things you can store, it's not enough.
But that's Bauhutte, and we put a lot of thought into the details.

Ball casters
"エナジーワゴン BHS-430EW"製品ページ

Ball casters are used for casters. Even if the bag is overstowed and heavy, it can be moved with ease. The front wheels come with stoppers to secure the casters in place.

Drink holder
"エナジーワゴン BHS-430EW"製品ページ

Two drinks, one large and one small, are placed on the 12 kg load-bearing top panel, which is made of the same material as Bauhutte's gaming desks. The small size with a diameter of 65 mm is perfect for energy drinks, while the large size with a diameter of 80 mm fits 500 ml plastic bottles or tumblers!
It will free you from the worry of accidentally knocking over your drink in the heat of play, allowing you to focus more on the game!

Release date and price

The Bauhutte "Energy Wagon BHS-430EW" will be available on October 8, 2019, at an open price of 11,380 yen on Amazon.
With a total load capacity of approximately 30 kg, a large storage space, and a very nice drink holder, there is no other product that can be used as both a wagon and a side table so thoroughly.
Please check the product details on the "Energy Wagon BHS-430EW" product page!

Energy Wagon BHS-430EW Specifications
Color Black
Dimensions Width 430mm x Depth 310mm x Height 655mm
Weight 6.70kg
Surface Finish Legs: Epoxy powder coating
Surface material of deck Synthetic resin laminated fiberboard (vinyl chloride resin)


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