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Boppy dot paintings for both room clothes and outings! Bauhutte × BAN8KU collaboration hoodie appeared!

ボップなドット絵は部屋着にもお出かけにも!Bauhutte × BAN8KUコラボパーカーが登場!

Bauhutte " is a gaming furniture manufacturer that offers a wide range of attractive items that will satisfy the itch of gamers.
In addition to furniture such as desks, chairs, and racks, Bauhutte also offers unique apparel products such as the " Dame-Ki" series of gaming blankets and the " Nyan Garoo Hoodie " series with a large pocket that can easily fit a cat. The "Nyan Garou Hoodie" series has a large pocket that fits a cat.
Bauhutte's apparel products are often a bit edgy, but the newly released items are fashionable items that match any scene!
The new hoodie is a collaboration with the popular dot-picture artist "BAN8KU"!


The "Ideal Gaming Room" on your chest!

Bauhutte has just released a new collaboration hoodie with the dot artist BAN8KU(@ban8ku )!
BAN8KU is a one-of-a-kind team of dot artists who incorporate the latest culture into their nostalgic dot art.
You may have seen " Koneko " in various places, and many gamers may know them from the " Tokyo Game Show ".
For more information about the work of BAN8KU, which is also involved in a wide range of collaborations, please check the official website!
Their cute and easy-to-use LINE stamp s are also on sale now!

BAN8KU 描き下ろしイラスト
Illustration drawn by BAN8KU
Bauhutte × BAN8KUコラボパーカー製品ページ

The new collaboration hoodie features a newly-drawn illustration by BAN8KU with Bauhutte items scattered around the theme of an " ideal gaming room.
It's pop and cute, but also has the coolness of Japanese culture.

Bauhutte × BAN8KUコラボパーカー
Bauhutte × BAN8KU collaboration parka
Bauhutte × BAN8KUコラボパーカー製品ページ

This special illustration is printed large on the front of the base black hoodie.
There are three coloring patterns available, blue, red, and green, and the different colors give the hoodie a different look that makes it hard to believe that it is the same illustration.
It's a pullover hoodie with a standard silhouette that can be worn smartly, and the pile fabric lining makes it easy to wear throughout the year, so it's an item that can be worn all-around, whether for loungewear or going out!

Bauhutte × BAN8KUコラボパーカー製品ページ

One size fits all!

The Bauhutte x BAN8KU collaboration hoodie is currently on sale, priced at 9,800 yen (tax included).
The hoodie comes in black, with illustrations in blue, red, and green, and can be purchased from the Bauhutte store on Amazon.co.jp.
It comes in one free size, but it is slightly loose-fitting, so it should suit anyone.
On the product page, you will find pictures of models wearing the product by height, so please refer to them before purchasing!
Little by little, Tokyo is starting to warm up and we are hearing the footsteps of spring 2022.
Hoodies will be in great demand from spring to early summer, so don't just wear one, wear several in different colors, and go out on the town wearing the collaboration hoodie this spring!
For more details, please check the Bauhutte x BAN8KU collaboration hoodie product page!

Bauhutte × BAN8KUコラボパーカー サイズ
Bauhutte × BAN8KU collaboration hoodie Size
Bauhutte × BAN8KUコラボパーカー製品ページ
Color BU: Blue
RD: Red
GN: Green
The colors in the photos have been processed and adjusted to be as close to the actual color as possible, but they may appear different from the actual color depending on the settings of your monitor and the lighting conditions.
Main body 100% cotton
Size One size fits all


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