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Asus "TUF Gaming M3" is released as a lightweight and high-sensitivity gaming mouse boasting high durability!

高い耐久性を誇る軽量・高感度ゲーミングマウス ASUS「TUF Gaming M3」発売!

ASUS JAPAN, Ltd. has released the " TUF Gaming M3 ", a lightweight gaming mouse with excellent cost performance, from its gaming brand "TUF GAMING".

Ergonomic lightweight design

TUF Gaming M3
TUF Gaming M3
"TUF Gaming M3"製品ページ

The "TUF Gaming M3" is a lightweight, compact gaming mouse weighing just 84g ( excluding gables).
The ergonomically designed design allows users to operate the mouse comfortably without putting strain on their hands.

Highly sensitive optical sensor

TUF Gaming M3
TUF Gaming M3
"TUF Gaming M3"製品ページ

The TUF Gaming M3 is equipped with a gaming-grade 200-7,000 dpi optical sensor.
It can be customized with four different DPI levels using ASUS Armory II (described below), so you can set the accuracy and speed you need.
Sensitivity may be a concern since the device is lightweight and can be moved quickly, but the 1,000 Hz polling rate ensures sensitive response, so this is not a concern.

Sturdy body

TUF Gaming M3
TUF Gaming M3
"TUF Gaming M3"製品ページ

The TUF Gaming M3 is designed to be very sturdy and able to withstand intense operation.
The outer shell is coated with a special coating that can withstand more than 10 layers of abrasion, friction, and perspiration.
The buttons are tactile switches rated at 20 million clicks.
The bottom of the body is spec'd with Teflon feet for smooth operation.
As a result, the mouse has a 1.5 times higher rubber friction test, 5 times higher RCA abrasion test, and 1.5 times higher perspiration test than ordinary mice.

Lighting that expresses individuality

TUF Gaming M3
TUF Gaming M3
"TUF Gaming M3"製品ページ

Aura Sync-compatible RGB lighting.
The "TUF GAMING" logo engraved on the mouse body can be lit in "Always on," "Fade in/out," or "Color-changing lighting" to create the lighting pattern of your choice. The "always on", "fade in/out", and "color changing" patterns can be selected to create the desired lighting.

Seven tactile and programmable buttons

TUF Gaming M3
TUF Gaming M3
"TUF Gaming M3"製品ページ

The TUF Gaming M3 has seven tactile and programmable buttons that can be configured to create the most comfortable playing environment.
Two DPI switches can also be used to instantly adjust the sensitivity, allowing you to create the best settings for your situation.

Software allows for fine-tuned settings

Armoury II
Armoury II
"TUF Gaming M3"製品ページ

The Armoury II software allows users to create profiles, configure lighting settings, map buttons, and adjust performance settings to suit their own playing style.
The hardware also tracks statistics during gameplay, allowing the user to see data analysis.

Release Date and Price

"TUF Gaming M3" will be released on Friday, January 24, 2020. The price is open price.
The reference price is around 2,750 yen.
The "TUF Gaming M3" is not only cost-effective, but also boasts excellent performance, and has the potential to serve as both a main and sub mouse for users who prefer a lightweight mouse.
For more information, please visit the TUF Gaming M3 product page.

TUF Gaming M3 Specifications
Connection Wired
Sensor Type Optical
Supported OS Windows® 10
Windows® 10 64-bit
Windows® 7
Dimensions 118.2 x 68 x 40 mm
Weight 84 g without cable
Body color Gray
Resolution 200 dpi - 7000 dpi
Supported Interfaces Mouse : USB
Included TUF GAMING M3 Optical Gaming Mouse*1
Quick Start Guide*1
Warranty Card*1


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