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ASUS"ROG Theta Electret" is coming to Taiwan! Get the "ROG Throne RGB Headset Stand" for a limited time!

ASUSの「ROG Theta Electret」が台湾に登場!期間限定で「ROG Throne RGBヘッドセットスタンド」がもらえる!

ASUS released the world's first " ROG Theta Electret " with " Electret driver and neodymium bass driver " from its gaming brand "ROG" in Taiwan. ROG Theta Electret" with "Electret driver and neodymium bass driver" was released.
ROG Theta Electret" with the world's first "Electret driver and neodymium bass driver" is now available for purchase at Taiwanese stores by May 31, 2020.

An immersive experience to meet players' needs

ROG Theta Electret
ROG Theta Electret

ROG Theta Electret" delivers high sound quality thanks to its electrostatic monomer technology and Essence drivers. Immerse yourself in games or your favorite music.
With uncompromising top-notch sound quality and a design quality that allows for an immersive gaming experience, it is the absolute choice for music lovers and gamers.

Electrostatic Monomer Technology and Essence Drivers

Essence driver with electrostatic monomer technology

The best gaming headset with electrostatic monomer technology and excellent mid- and high-frequency response capabilities using Essence drivers to provide a realistic gaming audio environment and listening experience.
The unique ROG Essence drivers and airtight cavity design also improve bass performance; available with DAC and amplifier so all sounds are reproduced faithfully.

Silver-plated copper wires provide clear sound quality.

Hi-Fi silver-plated copper wire

"ROG Theta Electret" is equipped with Hi-Fi grade silver-plated copper wire, which improves sound clarity with a wider soundstage and superior reproduction effect.
Compared to other types of sound source wires, silver-plated copper wire offers the best sound quality because it maintains the original high-frequency range with minimal energy loss.


The detachable unidirectional microphone in "ROG Theta Electret" is professionally tuned to provide clear voice communication and is certified by many communication applications.
Signal technology ensures that in-game audio is undistorted, and intuitive control buttons on the earcups allow the microphone to be muted without interrupting the game.

Two types of ear cushions for your preferred fit

ROG Hybrid イヤークッション
ROG Hybrid ear cushions

The "ROG Theta Electret" comes with two types of ear cushions that can be replaced.
One type is made of a combination of protein leather and quick-cooling, breathable fabric mesh, which is thin and soft and can be used comfortably outside.
The other type combines thicker material for comfort with a faster cooling fabric, making it ideal for extended use.
Both ear cushions are ASUS' proprietary ASUS Hybrid ear cushions, which provide sound insulation and comfort.
The decompression cushion material reduces pressure on the eyewear, allowing for comfortable use over long periods of time.
The ear cushions are ergonomically designed in an inverted D shape for a better fit.

Release date and price

"ROG Theta Electret" was released in Taiwan on April 27, 2020. The suggested retail price is NT$9,900.
Also, if you purchase by May 31, 2020, you can get the "ROG Throne RGB Headset Stand" (worth NT$2,990) for free.

For more information, please visit the ROG Theta Electret product page (in Chinese ).

"ROG Theta Electret" Specifications
Connectivity 3.5mm
Audio Driver 1 x Electret Driver
1 x Dynamic Driver
Chamber Design Airtight chamber
Microphone Analog
Cushion Type Ergonomic inverted D-shaped cushion
Instant Controls Microphone mute


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