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ASUS"ROG Theta 7.1" 7.1ch Surround Headset with 8 Drivers Announced

8個のドライバーを搭載の7.1chサラウンドヘッドセットASUS「ROG Theta 7.1」発表

ASUS Japan, Inc. has announced the " ROG Theta 7. 1", a 7.1-channel surround sound headset equipped with eight drivers to enhance the immersive experience.

Virtual bass driver reproduces massive bass sound

Essence Driver
"ROG Theta 7.1"製品ページ

The ROG Theta 7.1" uses four large Essence drivers, one for each ear cup, to deliver bass that is unlike anything you have ever heard before.
The ROG Theta 7.1 delivers a full spectrum, 7.1 channel surround sound with the most faithful and powerful virtual bass you have ever heard.
Not only the background music in the game, but all sounds such as gunshots and footsteps are reproduced with authenticity and immersive sound.

Sparing no expense in technology for high sound quality.

ROG Theta 7.1
ROG Theta 7.1
"ROG Theta 7.1"製品ページ

The ROG Theta 7.1 comes with the SupremeFX S1220A audio codec and a customized ROG Home Theater Grade 7.1 DAC.
Unlike other 7.1-channel headsets that use a single amplifier to power multiple drivers, "ROG Theta 7.1"'s DAC feeds four ESS 9601 headphone amplifiers to pinpoint effects within the vast auditory landscape. Theta 7.1"'s DACs are also designed to dissipate heat efficiently.
Theta 7.1" also employs a thermal compound that efficiently dissipates heat generated to lower temperatures.

AI-powered noise-canceling microphone

Noise canceling microphone
"ROG Theta 7.1"製品ページ

The microphone portion of the ROG Theta 7.1 features the world's first AI-powered noise -canceling microphone.
It is equipped with a dedicated processor with smart profiles trained by AI to eliminate over 50 million types of background noise while maintaining vocal harmonics for clear in-game communication.
This allows up to 95% noise elimination and delivers only clear audio.
The detachable uni-directional microphone is certified for both Discord and TeamSpeak, and an indicator light at the end of the boom flashes red when the microphone is muted, making it easy to check the microphone status.

Express your personality with Aura RGB lighting

Aura RGBライティング
Aura RGB Lighting
"ROG Theta 7.1"製品ページ

ROG Theta 7.1 is equipped with Aura RGB Lighting, a well-known feature in ROG products.
The user can choose from more than 16.8 million color combinations and six preset light patterns to create their favorite lighting.

Two types of ear cushions allow you to wash the earbuds for your preferred fit.

ROG Hybridイヤークッション
ROG Hybrid ear cushions
"ROG Theta 7.1"製品ページ

ROG Theta 7.1" comes with two types of ear cushions that can be replaced.
One type has a thin, soft finish that combines protein leather and quick-cooling breathable fabric mesh, making it comfortable for everyday use, such as on the go.
The other type has a thicker finish for added comfort and faster cooling fabric, making it ideal for extended use.
Both ear cushions are ASUS' proprietary ASUS Hybrid ear c ushions, which provide excellent sound isolation and comfort.
The decompression cushion material reduces pressure on the eyewear during use, allowing for continued comfortable use for extended periods of time.
The ear cushions are ergonomically designed in an inverted D shape for a better fit.

Durable ear cups and controls

Earcup Instant Control
"ROG Theta 7.1"製品ページ

The ROG Theta 7.1 ear cups are made of aluminum alloy and have a yoke-shaped design.
This improves heat dissipation and durability, allowing the ear cups to withstand extended use.
Instant controls are located on the left ear cup, allowing the user to switch between 7.1 surround/stereo mode with (1) and easily adjust output volume, microphone input, and ROG light on/off with (2) at the tip of a finger.

Intuitive and easy-to-use software

Armoury IIソフトウェア
Armoury II Software
"ROG Theta 7.1"製品ページ

The Armoury II software allows detailed settings such as EQ and 7.1 speaker level balance.
The UI is designed to be intuitive and easy to understand, even for first-time users, and allows users to create their own audio profiles.

Release Date and Price

"ROG Theta 7.1" will be released on Friday, March 27, 2020. It will be available at an open price.
The retail price is expected to be around 29,800 yen.
ROG Theta 7.1" is available on a special website, where a review video of the actual use of "ROG Theta 7.1" can be seen.
The product has a great degree of perfection, but if you would like to see what people actually think about it, why not visit the special site?

For more information, please visit the "ROG Theta 7.1" product page.

ROG Theta 7.1" Specifications
Connectivity USB-C
USB 2.0
Audio Driver 8 x ASUS Essence drivers
Headphone Amplifier Hi-fi ESS 9601 Quad AMP
DAC ROG Home Theater 7.1 DAC
Chamber Design Airtight Chamber
Lighting Multi-color RGB lighting
Microphone Analog (AI-Powered)
Microphone Indicator v
Cushion Type Ergonomic inverted D-shaped cushion
Instant Controls Volume control, microphone mute, RGB on/off


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