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ASUS Launches ROG Swift 360Hz PG259QN, The World's Fastest 360Hz Gaming Monitor

ASUSがリフレッシュレート世界最速360Hzのゲーミングモニター「ROG Swift 360Hz PG259QN」を発売

ASUS Japan, Ltd. announces the ROG Swift 360Hz PG259QN, the world's fastest eSports gaming monitor with a refresh rate of 360Hz.

A competitive gaming monitor for professional e-sports players

ROG Swift 360Hz PG259QN
ROG Swift 360Hz PG259QN

The ROG Swift 360Hz PG259QN is a gaming monitor designed for professional eSports players.
It offers an advantage in e-sports titles such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Rainbow Six: Siege, Overwatch, and Fortnite, where milliseconds make the difference between winning and losing.
The 1920 x 1080 Full HD monitor features a high-speed IPS panel that delivers the fastest refresh rate of 360Hz andGTG (Gray to Gray) 1ms response time.
The responsive NVIDIA G-SYNC processor allows users to play games with smooth and dynamic images without tearing.

ROG Swift 360Hz PG259QN
ROG Swift 360Hz PG259QN

ASUS high-speed IPS panel technology allows the display's LCD elements to turn on and off up to four times faster than conventional IPS panels.
The fast response time produces vivid images, while smear and motion blur are also extremely minimized.
In addition, a custom heat sink with a larger surface area for heat exchange than other G-SYNC displays is used to ensure stable performance even during long hours of game play.

ROG Swift 360Hz PG259QN
ROG Swift 360Hz PG259QN

The exterior is designed to avoid disturbing the player's concentration.
A special anti-reflective coating is applied to the bottom bezel to reduce screen reflections, and indicator lights are located on the underside of the bezel.
This was designed to minimize unnecessary light stimulation so that players can focus more on their games.
The cabling and space-saving stand are designed to prevent the gaming area from becoming cluttered, allowing for more flexibility in layout.
In addition, the back of the unit features ASUS Aura Sync-compatible ambient lighting.
By synchronizing with other ASUS Aura Sync-compatible products, users can enjoy RGB lighting with vivid colors.

Available from Friday, December 18.

"ROG Swift 360Hz PG259QN" is scheduled to be released on Friday, December 18, 2020, at an open price.
The ASUS Store, the official online store of ASUS, will sell the product for 78,382 yen excluding tax.
More information about the product can be found on the official ASUS website.


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