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The PC case "ASUS Prime AP201" that combines design and functionality from the ASUS "Prime" series is newly released!

ASUS「Prime」シリーズよりデザインと機能性を両立したPCケース「ASUS Prime AP201」が新発売!

ASUS is a very popular manufacturer that offers a wide variety of devices, including PCs, smartphones, various related parts, mice, keyboards, headsets, etc. all over the world.
In recent years, ASUS has been focusing on the development of its "ROG" series gaming brand, and its newly released "ROG" and " Neon Genesis Evangelion " collaboration products have been selling out one after another, making them difficult to obtain.
However, "ROG" is not the only brand that ASUS is developing!
ASUS has announced the " ASUS Prime AP201 ( AP201)," a mesh-type PC case from its "Prime" series for entry-level and casual users.


ASUS Prime AP201" combines design and functionality

Available in black and white

The new "AP201" is a 33-liter MicroATX case.
It features tool-free side panels and a mesh design throughout, and is available in black and white.
Let's check out the product details!

Tool-less side panels!

Easy to open and close side panels!

PC cases are often opened for cleaning the case as well as for refurbishing parts.
Opening and closing the side panel can be a hassle.
However, the side panel of "AP201" has a simple clip instead of screws or hinges.
This makes cleaning the PC much easier.

Ventilation and dust protection!

Mesh panel for ventilation

The most distinctive feature of "AP201" is the mesh panel.
More than 57,000 precision-machined fine holes ensure ventilation while preventing dust from entering.
The see-through design also allows you to see the inside of the PC, which is a great way to bring shiny gaming parts to life!
Depending on the placement and condition of the parts, you may also be able to check the motherboard lamps.

Dust filter on the bottom

In addition, an easily removable dust filter is also provided on the bottom!
Combined with the mesh panel, this design kills two birds with one stone by providing ventilation!

Compact, yet can hold a lot!

Compact and large capacity

The AP201 supports Mini-ITX and Micro-ATX motherboards, making it a so-called "mini-tower" PC case.
However, it offers a lean space that can accommodate a standard ATX power supply with a maximum length of 180 mm, a graphics board with a maximum length of 338 mm, and water-cooling devices.

Clearly arranged cables

In addition, cleverly calculated cutouts and a 32mm gap allow you to neatly manage cables that tend to get cumbersome!
The beauty of a PC's interior not only affects its appearance, but also directly affects its performance, so there's no way you can afford not to use it!

Sophisticated front panel

USB Type-Cポート
USB Type-C port

On the front of AP201...

  • USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A x 2
  • USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C
  • Audio jack
  • Power button

No needless decoration!
USB Type-C supports up to 10Gbps transfer rate to maximize the performance of TUF Gaming B660M Plus and ROG STRIX B660-G!

The "AP201" has a compact and simple design, but its high-capacity internal structure allows for the conversion of high-spec parts.
If you are looking for a gaming PC with a gaming look that doesn't fit in your room, the AP201 is a great option! This is a very strong choice for those who think that the gaming look of a gaming PC doesn't fit in their room!
The white model will be available on Friday, July 29, 2022, and the black model will be available on Friday, August 5, 2022!
The estimated market price is around 13,580 yen (including tax).
For details on specifications and standards, please refer to the "AP201" product page!

Product Overview
Compatible motherboard Mini-ITX / Micro-ATX
Drive Bay 2.5" Bay x 1, 2.5"/3.5" Combo Bay x 3
Dimensions 205mm x 350mm x 460mm
Price Open
Release Date Friday, July 29, 2022: White
Friday, August 5, 2022: Black
Product page https://www.asus.com/jp/Motherboards-Components/Gaming-Cases/PRIME/ASUS-Prime-AP201-MicroATX-Case/


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