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PS4 version Elite Controller and the famous ASTRO Gaming "ASTRO C40 TR Controller" will be released in Japan!

PS4版Elite Controllerと名高いASTRO Gamingの「ASTRO C40 TRコントローラー」日本発売決定!

Controllers are a gamer's workhorse!
Just as musicians are particular about their instruments or IT people are particular about their keyboards and mice, gamers are particular about their controllers.
In the gaming community, it's common to have a favorite manufacturer's controller, or to swap out or customize the buttons and sticks. The PS4 controller does not offer a wide range of options.

The " ASTRO C40 TR Controller ", which can be called the PS4 version of the Elite Controller that was previously featured on funglr Games, is now officially available in Japan!

PS4 licensed controller


The ASTRO C40 TR Controller is a product of Logitech International, a leading company in the global digital device and gaming device market. Logitech International's Japanese subsidiary is Logitech Corporation, so the name "Logitech" may ring a bell with many people.

ASTRO Gaming is the gaming brand of Logitech International and Logitech Corporation.
ASTRO Gaming, which has continued to release numerous gaming devices to the world, is now ready to release the "ASTRO C40 TR Controller".
The ASTRO C40 TR Controller is a licensed PS4 controller, so you can be sure that the stability of the connection and operability are second to none!

A PS4 controller that can be customized in detail

ASTRO C40 TRコントローラー
ASTRO C40 TR Controller
"ASTRO C40 TRコントローラー"製品ページ(英語)

The "ASTRO C40 TR Controller" is a priority/wireless controller that can be used with PS4 and PC.
The "TR" in the product name stands for Tournament Ready, and the controller has been designed for use in tournaments, with an emphasis on convenience and functionality.
The analog sticks and D-pad can be switched to your preferred position, the trigger is located on the back of the unit, and the keys can be freely mapped.
We have already talked about the ASTRO C40 TR controller in our previous article, so if you are interested in this controller, please take a look at that article too!

PS4版Elite Wireless Controllerになるか、ASTRO GamingがPS4コントローラー「C40 TR Controller」発表!

We also received comments from Mr. k4sen, ASTRO Gaming brand ambassador and official caster of "Call of Duty (CoD)".

There is a growing demand for custom controllers in the Japanese CoD competitive scene. While custom controllers are the norm for players at international tournaments, 99% of players in Japan use stock controllers, putting players at a pre-game disadvantage and putting them at a disadvantage in a scene that is still very new to Japan.
The ASTRO C40 TR Controller is a revolutionary controller that raises the "playing field" to a global standard, and is the ultimate in customization and operability that lives up to its tournament-ready name. The stick layout conversion is compatible with both the Xbox, previously the platform of choice for competitive gaming, and the PS4®, the current platform with a strong player base in Japan, making it the perfect choice for virtually any player. The potential of this product is too great to mention here, including trigger stops and a case that has been considered for bringing it to competitions.


A launch celebration event will be held!

ASTRO Gaming presents ASTRO Gaming Libalent Vertex/k4sen/Bodka Fan Meeting" will be held to celebrate the release of the "ASTRO C40 TR Controller"! The event will be held on the day of the event.
The guests for the event will be the members of the "Call of Duty" e-sports team " Libalent Vertex ", k4sen, who commented on the "ASTRO C40 TR Controller" and the members of CoD, Fortnite and other titles. We also had a social event with e-sports streamer Bodka, who distributes titles such as CoD and Fortnite, as a guest, and we had a special event to play "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare"" which was just released on October 25, using the "ASTRO C40 TR Controller" before it was released. The "ASTRO C40 TR Controller" will be used to play "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare & Quot;" which was just released on October 25!
Don't miss the chance to be one of the first to try out the "ASTRO C40 TR Controller"!

ASTRO Gaming Presents Libalent Vertex/k4sen/Bodka Fan Meeting
Date & Time Tuesday, November 12, 2019, 19:00 - 21:00 (tentative)
Location. e-sports SQUARE AKIHABARA
Box'R AKIBA Bldg. 2F, 3-2-12 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Guests Call of Duty" e-sports team "Libalent Vertex
ASTRO Gaming Brand Ambassador k4sen
eSports streamer Bodka
Participation Fee Free of charge
Application Form https://forms.gle/MP3xJhTcdA5a4tAM6
Application Period October 23 (Wed.) - November 2 (Sat.), 2011 (23:59)
Number of applicants 70 people
Remarks Winners of the lottery will be notified by e-mail by 9:00 p.m. on November 6.
The event will be broadcast on Logitech G's YouTube channel andTwitter.

Release date and price

"ASTRO C40 TR Controller" will be released on Thursday, November 28, 2019 and will be priced at 29,920 yen (tax included).
Whether you are a PS4 FPS or TPS player, a gaming pad player, or someone who has never been comfortable with a controller due to the size of their hands, the ASTRO C40 TR Controller has the potential to dramatically change the way you play!
Get your most powerful weapon and take on the world!
For more information, please visit the Logitech press release page and the "ASTRO C40 TR Controller" product page!

ASTRO C40 TR Controller
Dimensions (W x D x H) 168mm x 108mm x 53mm
Weight 310g (C40TR body only)
Cable length 2m
Color Black
Battery Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Charging time Up to 12 hours of continuous use *Depends on operating environment
Audio 3.5mm stereo mini plug compatible
System Requirements PlayStation®4 or PC: Windows® 8/10
Internet environment (when downloading ASTRO C40 TR configuration software)
Connection I/F Micro USB or 2.4GHz wireless connection
Warranty Period 2 years
Package Contents C40TR Controller (pre-installed below): 2
2 analog stick modules, 2 standard high concave caps, 1 D-pad module, 1 D-pad plus cover
1 D-pad module, 1 D-pad plus cover, 1
C40 TR faceplate 1 pc Carrying case (inside carrying case)
USB cable 2 m, C40 TR tool, 2 standard high dome caps, 1 tall concave cap
Tall concave cap 1 pc, Tall domed cap 1 pc, USB wireless transmitter
USB wireless transmitter, Quick Start Guide, Warranty, Important
Warranty, Important Information Document


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

Become elite wireless controller for PS4 or ASTRO Gaming announces PS4 controller "C40 TR Controller"!
Become elite wireless controller for PS4 or ASTRO Gaming announces PS4 controller "C4...

The controller which grants a dream of PS4 momentum from the gaming brand of ROJIKURU "ASTRO Gaming" "C40 TR Controller" was an announcement

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