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ASTRO Gaming's popular headset "A10" has been renewed! Evolve to be lightweight & sustainable!

ASTRO Gamingの人気ヘッドセット「A10」がリニューアル!軽量&サステナブルに進化!

Recently, gaming headsets have become very popular not only among gamers but also for remote conferencing due to their excellent sound and microphone.
They are comfortable for gamers to use for a long time without getting tired, and the sound quality is approved by gamers for whom sound is important, so they are comfortable to use on a daily basis.
Gaming heads come in a variety of types, including wired and wireless, USB and 3.5mm connections, and prices that range from affordable to high-end.
ASTRO Gaming's "ASTRO A10" series is one of the most popular among the entry-level models available.
The "ASTRO A10" series, which is durable enough not to be broken by twisting and has a convenient flip mute, has been renewed to be lighter and more sustainable!

フリップミュート機能搭載のヘッドセット「Astro A10」でテレワークを快適に!

Lightweight & Sustainable Materials & New Colors!

ASTRO A10" will be renewed as " ASTRO A10 Gen 2 Gaming Headset ", the second generation of the ASTRO A10 series.
We wondered what was going to be renewed in the "ASTRO A10", which is affordable, stylish, durable, sound, and well-designed, but since it claims to be "Gen 2", various parts have evolved.
First of all, the main body is 30% lighter than the first generation, weighing approximately 246g.
Since the headset is often used for long periods of time, a heavy headset would be hard on the neck and shoulders, but at 246g, the lightweight body is ideal for children's remote learning.
To achieve the lightweight design, a flexible plastic material is used instead of the steel band that was used inside the headband in the first generation.
In addition, some of the plastic parts are made of recycled plastic, and the packaging is made of FSC®-certified paper, making it a sustainable headset that takes the environment into consideration!
The new headset is made of recycled plastic, and its packaging is made of FSC®-certified paper, which is a forest conservation program.

ASTRO A10 Gen 2 Gaming Headset
ASTRO A10 Gen 2 Gaming Headset
"ASTRO A10 Gen 2 Gaming Headset"製品ページ

The first generation was available in three cool colors, "Gray x Red," "Gray x Blue," and "White x Blue," but the second generation is available in the standard " Black," " White"" and "Gray," "White"" colors. The second generation is available in five colors, including the standard "black," "white"and pop colors such as " gray," " mint," and " lilac.
The standard colors also have a pop of color overall, such as the ear cups and wiring.

ASTRO A10 Gen 2 Gaming Headset
ASTRO A10 Gen 2 Gaming Headset
ロジクール プレスルーム

In addition to the materials and design, the sound has also been upgraded.
To improve sound quality, the balance between chamber and driver has been reviewed, and the size of the sound driver has been changed from the 40mm of the first generation to 32mm.
It can reproduce immersive sound customized for gaming.
The microphone is unidirectional, making it difficult to pick up ambient sound and delivering a clear voice.
The volume can be adjusted with the controller located on the cord, and of course, the popular flip mute function is included, which allows the microphone to be instantly muted by bouncing the microphone upwards.
The connection is a 3.5mm stereo mini plug, so it can be used with a wide range of devices such as game consoles, smartphones, and TVs as well as PCs.
Furthermore, it is compatible with Dolby Atmos, Windows Sonic, and Tempest 3D Audio stereoscopic sound, making it perfect for use with next-generation consoles such as PS5.

Release Date and Price

"ASTRO A10 Gen 2 Gaming Headset" is scheduled to be released on Thursday, March 31, 2022.
The price is open price, but it is 7,150 yen (including tax) on the official website, so it is likely to be close to the price range at each retailer.
We are currently accepting pre-orders, and we are also distributing a 10% off coupon code to commemorate the release, so this is your chance to save even more money!
We will soon enter a new school year, and I think we will still be conducting remote meetings and remote classes.
Remote classes, in particular, require good sound quality, so having something that can reproduce good sound is sure to improve learning efficiency!
The lightweight, sturdy, and affordable "ASTRO A10 Gen 2 Gaming Headset" would be the perfect gift for your child's first headset.
For more information or to pre-order, please visit the "ASTRO A10 Gen 2 Gaming Headset" product page!

Color Black / White / Gray / Mint / Lilac
Warranty Period 2 years
Body size (W x D x H) 83mm x 77mm x 173mm (minimum headband)
183mm x 77mm x 200mm (measured with headband extended)
Main unit weight 246g (excluding cable)
Connection I/F 3.5mm stereo mini plug
Headphone section Driver unit: 32mm neodymium magnet
Sensitivity: 102 dBSPL/mW @1kHz
Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz
Impedance: 24 ohm
System Requirements Windows 10 or later, Mac, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 or PlayStation 4, mobile device with 3.5mm port
Supports Dolby Atmos, Windows Sonic, and Tempest 3D Audio stereoscopic sound
What's included Product itself, in-line volume control cable (2m), splitter cable for PC (65mm)


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