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Announced the domestic launch of the highly durable gaming chair "Arozzi VERONA V2" "Arozzi VERONA JUNIOR" based on human engineering

高い耐久性を誇る人類工学に基づくゲーミングチェア 「Arozzi VERONA V2」「Arozzi VERONA JUNIOR」の国内発売を発表

Milestone Inc., a distributor of gaming devices, PCs and peripherals with headquarters in Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, has announced that it will begin handling the "Arozzi VORONA V2" gaming chair and the "quot;Arozzi VERONA JUNIOR" gaming chair from the leading Swedish gaming brand "Arozzi". quot;Milestone Inc. has announced that it will begin selling the "Arozzi VORONA V2" and "Arozzi VERONA JUNIOR" gaming chairs from the leading Swedish gaming brand Arozzi.

Ergonomically Designed

Arozzi VORONA V2
Arozzi VORONA V2
株式会社マイルストーン"Arozzi VORONA V2"製品ページ
株式会社マイルストーン"Arozzi VERONA JUNIOR"製品ページ

Both "Arozzi VORONA V2" and "Arozzi VERONA JUNIOR" are designed with Arozzi's unique ergonomic design.
The frame is also made of a durable metal frame, making the gaming chair comfortable and stable even when sitting for long hours.
The "Arozzi VERONA JUNIOR" has the same performance as the "Arozzi VORONA V2," but is designed for smaller physiques.
Arozzi VORONA V2" has a load capacity of up to 105 kg, while "Arozzi VERONA JUNIOR" has a load capacity of up to 60 kg.

Finely adjustable to the best body position

Arozzi VORONA V2" and "Arozzi VERONA JUNIOR" can be adjusted in detail according to the preferences of each user.
A Class 4 gas pressure cylinder is used for seat height adjustment. The armrests with cushions can be adjusted up and down at the touch of a button.
The rocking function allows the user to tilt the seat back and forth by releasing the lock on the side of the seat, while the lumbar pillow supports the lower back, and the headrest pillow supports the neck and head to accommodate any position.
PU leather is used as the material for the seat, providing not only durability but also comfort.

Release date and price

"Arozzi VORONA V2" and "Arozzi VERONA JUNIOR" will both be released in Japan on September 2, 2019 (Monday) at an open price.
On the official Arozzi website, "Arozzi VORONA V2" is priced at US$349.99 and "Arozzi VERONA JUNIOR" at US$279.99, so "Arozzi VORONA V2" is priced at around 40,000 yen The "Arozzi VORONA V2" will cost around 40,000 yen, and the "Arozzi VERONA JUNIOR" will cost around 32,000 yen.

It is no exaggeration to say that a fatigue-free chair for long hours of playing is a necessity for gamers.
Why not introduce "Arozzi VORONA V2" and "Arozzi VERONA JUNIOR" and refine your playing experience?
For more information, please visit Milestone Corporation's "Arozzi VORONA V2" product page and"Arozzi VERONA JUNIOR" product page.


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