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The long-awaited art collection from "Apex Legends" is released!


G-NOVELS has announced the release of "The Art of Apex Legends," a collection of art from the world-famous FPS battle royale game "Apex Legends.

The Art of Apex Legends" will introduce and explain various skins, weapons, and other aspects of the game.

エーペックスアート集 PR TIMES

The Art of Apex Legends" is a collection of artwork that will be released...

  • Chapter 1: Legends
  • Chapter 2: Weapons
  • Chapter 3: Maps
  • Chapter 4: UI, VFX

Chapter 4: UI, VFX....

Many of the weapons in "Apex Legends" are influenced by the "Titanfall" game, which shares the same worldview, and there is a wide variety of designs, from modern to futuristic.
The weapon skins, especially the rare ones, are very unique and cool.

And pages about maps, UI, and VFX!

エーペックスアート集 PR TIMES

While the weapon and legend designs are what you usually see when you play, it is the vast map that colors the world of "Apex Legends".
The artwork in the book includes detailed explanations of the various terrains of the map, which we usually see based on the strength of their positions.
Check out the developer's attention to detail that you may not have noticed just by playing the game until now!

Explore the behind-the-scenes development with commentary!

エーペックスアート集 PR TIMES

One of the best parts of this art collection is the behind-the-scenes stories by the developers.
Not only do you get to enjoy the visuals, but you also get to see the process that led to the completion of each design!

The Art of Apex Legends" will be released on Friday, June 10, 2022!
The Art of Apex Legends" is scheduled for release on Friday, June 10, 2022, and its 192 pages will surely satisfy even the most discerning fans!

If you are interested in the book, please visit the book's introduction homepage!


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